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  1. Well, I want to say that I'm surprised. When in reality, I'm not. Heartbroken? Disappointed? Angry? firetruck yeah. But no, not a single bit of surprise here. I think deep down, everyone knew the outcome. Hate wins again. Hate ALWAYS wins. I know, I was firetrucking smarmy as shit when the election was going, but everyone was. I'm not going to blame anyone for who they voted for. What's done is done and it's all over but the crying. But to those who didn't vote and yet are going to open their yaps to complain: Shut up. You had ample opportunity to voice your opinion. You chose to remain silent. So please, stay silent. I don't wanna hear/see a damn word of it from you. I am horrified for my friends who are LGBTQ+. My colored friends and my disabled friends. And my lady friends. As well as my friends who relied on Obamacare and Welfare benefits. America has decided that we do in fact, have fear and hatred in our hearts with zero hope for the future. By letting Trump into office, WE did that. No, not Trump voters. ALL OF US. We treated this election as a joke when in reality, it should have been taken as seriously as any other election. WE did this. We didn't get the new president we needed. We got the one we deserved. We deserve Trump.
  2. I am disappointed in my own country.

    1. TheFinalPersonaKeyblade


      I second that sentiment.

  3. I haven't played this game yet, but it looks absolutely delightful and cute.
  4. My dog is my thunderbuddy.

  5. Run while you still can!! Just kidding. Welcome to the forum! Good to meet you!
  6. I'm supposed to be getting my MediPort out soon.

  7. I fell last night. Now I'm gonna be feeling it all week. Oh well. It was worth it to get some candy.

  8. I won a national poetry competition in high school.
  9. No problem! I'm happy to help out. Voice acting is pretty fun and hard work, but it's awesome to bring a character to life. Good luck!
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