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  1. The whole package honestly, easily my 2nd fave game of the entire series.
  2. I'm gonna be blasphemous for saying this but I find Xemnas literally the most boring villain in the entire series. Really? I found Ansem much more patient and malevolent with a sense of nihilism whereas with Xemnas I could NEVER take him seriously. Boring villain who monologues, constantly pulls of the "WOE IS ME" routine even when they see through him, and Ansem was over the top? what about: "CURSE YOU FOOL!! GUARD!!", not to mention his constant spheil about anger and hate but without showing why he believes anger and hate equals power.
  3. My fave is a tie between Ansem SOD (the original by Billy Zane) and Master Xehanort. The original Ansem for the mystery, tone and menace that he built up in the original and almost had this nihilistic philosophy of how everything comes back to darkness that comes off very chilling at times when confronting him as the final boss. And MX for just how tactful he is and the kind of villain you really want to hate, topped off with Leonard Nimoy's great voice acting makes him, imo, a great villain. My least is bar none, Xemnas. Ever since KH2, I could NEVER take him seriously as a villain. Whether its his english performance by Paul St. Peter or whoever voiced him in the japanese version (sorry that I can't remember his name) but just constantly puts on a WOE IS ME performance, even after he's been called out on it in KH2 he just keeps ACTING THAT WAY! His hammy moments doesn't help either, that and despite being the main villain in KH2, not only was I not intimidated by him, but I swear it felt like he never did anything. If there was anything I wanted to beat him for was not to save the worlds, but just to get him to SHUT UP!
  4. To give Kingdom Hearts 2 a better story that doesn't rely on rehashing Disney movies and anime cliches.
  5. KH2 Sora, the pointless belts, lack of colour balance, those fricken zippers on the shoes, what purpose do they serve?!
  6. Damn...am I the ONLY one who did 100% them all?! Dear Lord I'm a dork
  7. Great work here ...though I hate to sound like "that guy" and I know this is subjective, with KH2 Final Mix being considered the best, I can see that by many gameplay wise, but in terms of story and its editing, pacing, lazy retelling of Disney movie plots and confusing plot elements that lead to the criticism of KH's story being convoluted and confusing...it SUUUUUUUUCKS.
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