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  1. new trailer at E3 and a release window before the end of this year
  2. im guessing, March is 15th anniversary, the 15th day on the 15th anniversary? idk
  3. regarding the ansem part, why dont you think its terra? sora saw aqua and immediately saw ansem for some reason. im curious to know why you just think its ansem.
  4. who knows, maybe voice work is the last thing they do or maybe they do specific voices first since bill farmer said he was done with voice work
  5. Yes, they are required to give us info in march, the 15th anniversary of the game if they dont... ill end up like ven
  6. their master is most likely luxu, or luxus apprentice. and nomura didnt specify which xehanort true, but all seekers of darknes are xehanort... kinda like voldemort and the hoarcroxes or how ever you say it... imo if you end one xehanort youll end all of them dont you think?
  7. simple... 1. What is Marluxias human name? 2. Is "end of the world" still there? 3. What do Luxu and MoM look like? 4. Is Xehanort and Eraqus master Luxu? 5. Did Luxu give Xehanort the keyblade or did he steal it and kill luxu? 6. Who are the hooded SoD at the end of DDD? 7. Why was Vanitas briefly shown in DDD next to young xehanort? 8. Is the "Ansem" in Soras little dream before the fight with Xemnas in DDD actually Terra? 9. Are there actually 9 guardians of light instead of 7? (watch the end of KHx not unchainedx ) 10. Will Roxas become his own person in 3? 11. Who will be the threat after the Xehanort saga? 12. WHATS IN THE DAMN BOX!?!?!?!?1? (i know we'll find out in 3 lol) the list goes on and on dude
  8. in theory you would think that Sora can dual wield because of Ventus but i dont think thats the case (kinda). I think he gets it from roxas specifically, now hear me out. In KH1 Sora has kairis heart and Ventus' heart but we didnt know that back then, and when he released kairis heart and became a heartless he also released roxas who at the time had the heart of ventus thats why they look the same, also thats how namine and xion came to be. When xion died and returned to sora thats why roxas was able to dual wield and not ven, and when roxas finally returned to sora, he was able to dual wield. I hope that made sense its just a theory of mine, because if you think about it, ventus couldnt dual wield so why would sora be able to? But roxas could.
  9. Its a keyblade transformation for Hercs Shield specifically made for guard form Also
  10. go to the credits of any game, im sure theres plenty of people in the "Lighting" section The MoM can see the future, we should all just listen to him
  11. From what we yen sid in the final cutscene of 0.2 said to sora that he will get power to wake sleeping hearts, this leads me to believe that with this power sora will be able to save ventus and finally wake him from that 10 year coma x D. Now without a doubt terra-nort is gonna be a boss in KH3 one way or another, and i want to know whether you guys think that Sora will be able to free Terra from Xehanorts clutches since its still terras body just xehanort controlling it, all Sora or whoever has to do is take xehanorts heart out Now heres the JUICY part, https://youtu.be/pJMluhNxNms in this link is the voice of Ansem the wise in Dream Drop Distance where hes talking to Riku after you beat the game (spoilers for a game that came out in 2012 lol) if you watch it id advise you to watch it completly its only 3:49. It is implied by Ansem the wise that Sora has the power to bring back the hearts and existences to RECREATE people we thought were lost forever, AKA VENTUS, ROXAS AND XION and maybe Namine. All Sora needs to do is follow wherever it is his heart takes him. Xion i dont know so much but it cant be a coincidence that roxas is with everyone else in the opening for Dream Drop Distance... Let me know what you guys think
  12. This can mean many things, they didnt have anyone in these positions and theyre lookin to fill them now, OR it means that they already had these positions filled and are looking for more people to speed things up, dont get all negative right off the bat people be positive, im sticking with March 2018 release
  13. demyx luxord marluxia and larxene are all dead, maybe their human forms but honestly i dont see it happening it just seems highly unlikely
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