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  1. I’m sure hoping that’s the case, but who knows with that one. Personally, I see Disney worlds easily being added as dlc worlds and something like making destiny islands explorable or something, if for a small part.
  2. Like cyntix said, I don’t think it’s entireky impossible there’ll be a Final Mix dlc with more worlds, Keyblades, cutscenes, enemies, post game content, etc. Kind of seems like a given at this point. Which honestly, I’m really really excited for!! I’m just looking forward to playing the game, but if Square adds even more after launch, count me in!
  3. Guys, it’s just mentioning there are Pixar worlds in the game, not that they’ll unveil a new Pixar world.
  4. Robin Atkin Downes voiced him in the movie tie in games. Even so, it doesn’t sound like Downes to me. We’ll have to see, can’t really judge based on one line. Not to mention Nighy has gotten older, so his voice may sound different some. I’m going to hope it’s him in the trailer.
  5. Idk about any of you, but that purple feminine heartless looks like something out of the 1920s, specifically New Orleans.
  6. I’m thinking 3 more, 2 fully fledged Disney worlds and one Disney minigame (this does not include original worlds). I’ve got a really hyped, gut feeling one of the final 2 is Princess and the Frog, especially after that recent trailer!!
  7. No question, Randall NEEDS to be a boss, he laid quite a smackdown on Sulley in the secret room so he can hold his own. His boss would be a pretty unique one and could be in the door vault, traversing through different locations kind of like Pete in Timeless River. His camouflage would make it a lot harder to hit him at times, maybe kind of like the Stealth Sneak with Clayton. And he could stick to walls and jump around often like the Illuminator with Barbossa.
  8. This is supposedly from a 2015 build of the game. Nomura has said in interviews earlier this year that some worlds are about done, some are being worked on, and some haven't been started on yet. At the time of these files, these worlds were probably being worked on extensively, which would be Hercules, Tangled, Toy Story, Frozen, and Pooh. Monsters Inc may have not had work started on it yet and we know BH6 hasn't had really any work done at this point due to its sudden inclusion and being the last film selected. If that is the case, this list is only a portion of the worlds that will be featured, there's still plenty left, and if this is from 2015, then there is 2 years of development we don't know about yet, meaning plenty of surprises left.
  9. I'm going to go about this thinking Monsters Inc leak is real (and it sure as heck is looking like it). Here's how I see the world list being: 1. Hercules 2. Tangled 3. Big Hero 6 4. Toy Story 5. Monsters Inc. 6. Frozen 7. The Princess and the Frog 8. Wreck-It Ralph 9. The Jungle Book 10. Treasure Planet If Pooh gets in, that brings the total up to 11 Disney Worlds, but 10 big explorable plot heavy worlds total. I went about the list like this: 1. All recent Disney films that helped Disney get their success back should be in the game as they are all extremely popular and iconic in their own ways, as well as distinct from each other. PatF is the bayou and 1920s New Orleans,.Tangled is a beautiful green, spring like kingdom. Wreck-It Ralph is a digital based world. Frozen is the snowy landscapes and mountains. Big Hero 6 is the metropolis with superheroes. We know Tangled and BH6 are in, so the other 3 should most likely be in to include the 5 big new Disney Renaissance films. 2. The Jungle Book helps take an old, classic Disney movie spot, and since it's been planned to be in the series for years, now would be the time to go all out for it. Treasure Planet takes the 2000 era of Disney of cult classics. It's not my choice, I would prefer Emperor's New Groove, but with fans clamoring for it and Roy Conli playing a huge part int he development of the game, it makes the most sense. 3. Toy Story and Monsters Inc make up the beginning of Pixar's inclusion in the series. These two films are very popular with fans and are good places to start for Pixar worlds in the series as both were huge successes. Other Pixar films would work like Incredibles, but they should save those for KH4 or other future installments as KH3 shouldn't be overcrowded with Pixar worlds. 4. Hercules and Pooh are the only returning worlds, and that would be fine. Unlike many of the other worlds we've been to, Hercules has never been able to reach its full potential, and now it can and it is exciting. Pooh just seems to be a staple minigame world in the numbered titles, so it's likely to see it. The only other returning world I could see is Aladdin, and I could see it knocking out PatF or Ralph, but honestly Square should focus on including more new worlds and not returning to past worlds.
  10. I guess I fail to see how a game that started development in 2013 and releasing in 2018 is a rushed game. Yeah, the engine change happened in 2014, but even so it has been in development for at least 4+ years come next year with the Unreal engine. That is a heft amount of time. They'll cut stuff if necessary to meet the deadline, not rush through the finale of the game. There really is nothing to worry about whatsoever. His reports have not been confirmed false. Jose had come back from those reports and said that everyone was creating false info off what he said. He said that the game will be released in 2018 with stuff cut out from the final project due to time, which all games do that.
  11. We aren't even in 2018 yet, no reason to get nervous. Nomura, as a director (besides his time on XV), has released his games in a timely manner and does not like to give release info unless he knows for certain it will be released on time. As perfectionist as he is, he will make sure the game comes out on time and if those leaks are anything to be believed from months ago, the game will no doubt be released next year.
  12. https://www.khinsider.com/news/Full-Famitsu-interview-with-Nomura-on-KINGDOM-HEARTS-3-9772 His last statement, he says there will be a small intermission before next news. Granted, I don't know what Nomura's definition of "small" is (lol), but I imagine we'll get some info before this year is over!
  13. The translated interview though, he does not mention having to wait till 2018, just that it will be a short break until the next news. They've got the release year out, I can not imagine nothing until next year. With the game coming out next year and if all worlds are to be announced before release, then promotion should start this year, which I feel it did after these two trailers. Only two trailers this year will be 2015 all over again, and at this stage that really does not need to happen.
  14. I'd rather Toy Story be the only one for this game. There are other Disney movies they need to use. Next saga I think we'll be seeing more Pixar, but this one Toy Story is just fine alone. But in the future, I would like an Incredibles or Monsters Inc. world.
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