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  1. {{ ✩ }} Heyy, a late welcome to the site! I recently came back to this community as well~ Hope you enjoy your stay!

  2. I'm honestly concerned about this medal...
  3. Yes, to be honest I do prefer physical version for an OST, it's much better ! That's what I'm currently looking for.
  4. Hey thank you so much everyone !
  5. Here is miiiiine! (please don't pay attention to the title.)
  6. Hello everyone ! Just wanted to introduce myself quickly, it's been a while that I'm on this website but didn't make a proper account to chat here (damn what a shame) ! I'm just a regular guy, I'm 20+ yo, from Europe, I'm mainly speaking english but I can talk french and japanese a little bit. I'm also active on the french community as well ! I have a growing collection, I may share it with you all soon (I like to collect TCG and AR cards, also limited editions of each KH games) ! Beside Kingdom Hearts, I'm a big fan of Square Enix and Capcom, Dragon's Dogma in particular, as well as Monster Hunter, and of course, Biohazard 4. Anyway, feel free to chat or even ask questions, I'm always glad to meet new people ! My avatar in Kingdom Hearts Union X :
  7. I really don't know why some people don't like that app, but yeah, I think it's not the style of everyone !
  8. Hello everyone ! I've been wondering if there is gonna be an original soundtrack CD album of Union X ? I know it's just remixed soundtrack from the games, but I'm a big fan of these, I can stop listening to it while I'm playing !
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