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  1. I need help finding magic upgrades, i need cure to change into cura and i dont know where to get them. im level 22 just finished agrabah.
  2. Dont you just love it when you forget to turn off auto limit for a boss fight. its easiest if donalds set on sora attack and goofy is on relentless attack and spam limits and have really strong armor that boosts defense. and have magic resistant rings, atleast one elixir and full drive.
  3. why is marluxia and the rest of the absent silhouette characters who died in CoM are back in kh3

  4. I personally think vexen is in the peddler shop in agrabah is because he uses storms to attack and agrabah is in the desert so id assume that hes there in agrabah because agrabah has sand storms and in the peddler shop you are safe from sand storms. and vexen protects himself with a storm or aero
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