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  1. Same, you can see the evil in his expression
  2. My god, I love this shot "You didn't kill Anakin Skywalker... I did."
  3. Technically a meme, but spoilers so posting it here.
  4. This is from the last episode but it made me laugh It gives me Korg vibes
  5. Vader: "You didn't kill Anakin. I did." And he said that with a smile, it really gives you chills. Also, "Vader killed your father" is now parroting that, which I love.
  6. Well, I mean... Back to the actual episode. I also love how they ended this with Obi-wan calling him "Darth" so it would make sense with A New Hope. They really do pay attention to detail
  7. Even more impossible now since that the cloning facility is gone
  8. I liked TFU, but it did go a little wacky with the lore in those games.
  9. It seems more and more doubtful we'll ever get that
  10. I'd like to see that, too. I wanna see her as a grey jedi or something She does somewhat serve as the canon's version of Starkiller They kinda parallel each other. Gets taken under the wing of Vader at a young age and trained in the dark side, only to turn on him and become a grey Jedi working with the good guys.
  11. Yea, I suppose that could be an interesting one
  12. Obi wan walks over to Luke Me: He's gonna say it. He's gonna say it. Wait for it. Obi wan: Hello there! Me: YAS, the entire 6 episode series paid off! But seriously, this episode was lit. It had everything I had hoped for and more. Broken mask Vader with Hayden ✅ Qui-Gon force ghost ✅ Badass rematch between Vader and Obi-wan ✅ Obi-wan going full power mode and beating the shit out of Vader ✅ Reva redemption ✅ "Hello there" ✅ Emperor Palpatine ✅ Makes me wonder what they'd do in a potential second season, seeing as they've done everything now. I'm sure they'll come up with something.
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