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  1. Wait the game's a 1st person shooter now?! I won't be allowed to play it if it bears any semblance to a 1st person shooter... ok actually as long as its not ALL a shooter I can. Will finding hidden Mickeys be like finding stickers in BBS?
  2. Is anyone else here 13-15 years old, if I can ask that?

  3. There are BBS novels?! I've been searching for those my entire existence (ok technically not but whatevs)

    1. ITzDarthLordRevan


      There are BBS novels, but they haven't been translated into English. Somebody somewhere translated the first three chapters in writing form, but they stopped for some unknown reason.

  4. I don't sleep much... I find it easier to sleep when I listen to music, though. Sorry if this doesn't work for you. ( I love music, though. Sorry_

    1. HeartOfFerria


      I listen to long videos like Christopher Odd’s Divinity Original Sin playthrough.

  5. Dude, it was so totally Replica. I would know. Wanna know why?
  6. Kairi doesn't really do much of anything... she'll probably do something 'really important' as her ONE redeeming quality... The REAL hero is Riku!
  7. Hi. I'm Riku Watashi! I'm new! I love Kingdom Hearts!
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