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  1. SeishinoHi395

    Will Hayner, Pence, and Olette obtain Keyblades?

    Why not? It would fit the theme of light returnign to worlds and peopele guarding it...
  2. SeishinoHi395

    Say Light Yagami was in KH

    Damn.. that's quite the fanfic... kudos to you Kitanort Hurry nad trade mark it before someone trys to copy you!
  3. Question about the relation between the two bits of music and why the was not followed more directly in Dissapeared and in the Final boss them
  4. Don't have much time... but wish to ask the question to the fans. How do you think this piece of music will be utilized, if at all, in KH3 and what themes do you think it relates to?
  5. Probably don't have the money to devote to it though? With mangeme the marekttign people from Disney tare also likelt to be agaisnt it,d ue their exhaustion form dealing with all theri other Ips and ensuring that they yield growth for the company.. Their liekly to get angry at Seth as se ehsi as almsot a cash drain. In another universe, i'd hope it can work... who knows though? Let see what happens!
  6. SeishinoHi395

    Kingdom Hearts III can now be preloaded onto Xbox One

    Wow this is awesome.....
  7. SeishinoHi395

    Kingdom Hearts III promo playing at PS4 kiosks

    not too new at all
  8. SeishinoHi395

    Kingdom Hearts III promo playing at PS4 kiosks

    They have at the Fry's Electronics and Best Buy that my family goes to as well.
  9. SeishinoHi395

    Symbols in the Book of prophecies?

    VEry interesting...