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#KH13MeetUp for London Concert

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Some of the KH13 team (including Andrew Hankinson and Fàtima Kàiyum) are attending the Kingdom Hearts Orchestra - World Tour - in London on the 24th of March. So we thought this would be a great opportunity to arrange a quick meet up with fans before the concert begins!


#KH13MeetUp for London Concert!


We will be meeting at the Central Hall Westminster on Friday the 24th of March from 5:30pm!


As well as a meet up, KH13 have created a booklet to give to Yoko Shimomura (composer of Kingdom Hearts soundtrack) after the concert to show our appreciation of her musical talents in the franchise.


Fans who meet us at the concert hall beforehand and write a small compliment/message within the booklet, will receive an exclusive KH13 sticker! We will have 3 choices, but they will be limited!


Few things to consider before writing in booklet:

  • Maybe write it out beforehand so you can just copy it in booklet on the day; we want to reduce the amount of spelling errors or mistakes as much as we can so it’s flawless.
  • We’ll ask that you write in capital letters so it’s easier to understand/translate.
If you take any pics with us be sure tweet about them using the hashtag #KH13MeetUp Look forward to seeing you all there!


You can also join our Facebook event page to get all the updates about the meeting by clicking here.


UPDATE: Thanks to everyone who came out to the meet up! We had a blast! If you want to check out updates from the meet up and from the concert, view this article. If you want to view images of the meet up, check them out below:


Img 2010promoC7tKR8yXgAERb8SC7tG71FXwAEVct6C7tTH2aXUAE313CC7tXr3LXUAAa9t5C7tXta3XgAALBpxdownload (4)download (2)Img 20170324 232701



Click here to view the article

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I'm coming to the concert the next day but maybe I can get there and meet with you =)


Same here... But the 25th will also be amazing for sure :D


You are welcome to the meetup even if you dont have tickets or if your show is for another day! If you RSVP to the event we'll update our location at all times during the day, and we'll meet somehwere at the venue where you dont need tickets to access!

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Im going with two friends of mine at the 24th concert.I would be so glad to meet you all of you guys.I am from Greece and i created a greek kh community here.I admire your work and i follow you the last 8 years!


Can't wait to meet you!



Well, I am also one of those people who will be attending on 25th March. :P It's all good though. 


If you can somehow drop by anyway before the concert and meet everyone and sign our booklet, that would be lovely! We'd honestly love to meet you. The more the better!

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Wow, are you doing this for the other locations as well? Cause I'm going to the 2nd LA concert, it'd be great to do something like this. :3


We started this hoping it would continue for the NA locations as well! Of course that depends on whether there will be any KH13 staff members attending the shows at those locations. I know there will be at least one of us at LA, not sure about NYC.

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See you all tomorrow guys, and please remember to RSVP to our event and keep in touch on event page as we'll be posting updates on our location and movements! x


And remember that you can come to our Meet-up even without a ticket!

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