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  1. I wanna know how this link system works..Or how keyblade transformations and drive forms are connected..I want a more balanced game and not an overpowered Sora
  2. I went to the London concert,I met up with other kh fans from all over the world and we shared all these beautiful memories.We cried a lot upon hearing amazing songs!And I had the opportunity of course to see the woman-myth ,the one and only Shimomura-sama! I HOPE FOR YOU GUYS TO HAVE A GREAT TIME TOO!And even if you see a new kh3 trailer I won t be jealous.In fact I'm counting on in,so we can too see it after the concert!
  3. I want a trailer with a release date.If that's not the case ,then don't bother us
  4. Thanks for mentioning our greek community.I am so glad that we fans form communities in our countries and organise meet ups here and then!I admire your work KH13 and I am so glad that I met you guys in London!I hope to see you again some day!
  5. Elias Jose

    #KH13MeetUp for London Concert

    Im going with two friends of mine at the 24th concert.I would be so glad to meet you all of you guys.I am from Greece and i created a greek kh community here.I admire your work and i follow you the last 8 years!
  6. Elias Jose

    Kingdom Hearts Around the World

    Greece.We are a very few fans here but I already managed to make a kh Greek site and a Facebook group.I met up with some kids.All of us are connected by an amazing passion for that series,that kind of passion which can make us best friends.
  7. Elias Jose

    Kingdom Hearts 2.9?

    Maybe 2.9 will be simply a special demo for kingdom hearts 3 before its release!!!lke that dream demo for ff xv.
  8. Athens,Greece.There are people in my country who love that game too.But i think that every big city in the world deserves that kind of concert.It is a life experience,that anyone true kingdom hearts fan would love to have.
  9. Elias Jose

    New Character we haven't know yet?

    it is xehanort's shadow,nothing more..0.13-0.15
  10. Elias Jose

    We can't wait any longer for this release

    Dont forget anyway ..we want unchained χ in Εurope too..
  11. Elias Jose

    PlayStation Experience 2015

    tetsuya nomura was on the stage only to present the newest trailer for ff vii remake.unfortunately nothing for kh3..
  12. this world in the first picture is like the courtyard in mysterious tower or not??
  13. Elias Jose

    Alright KH13 Members!

    Here in Greece too..