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So you know how the keyblade graveyard was formed from the keyblade war, and how we've seen bits and pieces of the war from the perspective of the main character in union X and glimpses of it at the beginning of 0.2 and well likely see something about it in KH3. However, does anyone think we should see the whole thing in HD cutscene form? I'm talking a keyblade war on the devastation and destructive level of the fall of dalamud cutscene in final fantasy 14. Something on that scale with a battle against all the foretellers and their factions and it ends with Ava character collapsing and fading away as we watch all the hearts drift into kingdom hearts. I'll put a link to the ff 14 cutscene below, and leave your thoughts on what you would like to see from a HD cutscene of the keyblade war.


End of an era ffXIV-

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