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- Henry - Elemental Shenanigans - On the boat to the village - 

"Alright then!" Henry spoke, smiling and sounding rather excited to try out his magic on Ceres, Pang quickly overcharged Henry with magic, an action that surprised him as he had never seen such a type of magic before, pure superchaging of magic? any magic? it was incredible! even if it was for just one spell. 

"Heat used to be a problem for me, until I bonded with Salamander, wheather stopped having a toll on me after I bonded with them all." Henry began to give a bit of insight on how his body handled the current weather, small talk really. 

"Well, we are the spirits of the elements, its only natural." Said Salamander, folding her arms. As Henry shrugged, "Guess so" was all he said before walking over a bit closer to Ceres. "well considering I don't feel like I can transfer this magic boost you gave me, Pang, to Sylph...I might have to show a bit..." Henry began to speak. As he looked in the direction of Sylph, who was floating around giddily alongside Lukkel. "Hey Sylph, get over here real quick." Henry spoke, extending his arm and raising it high, holding out his hand open as Sylph excitedly flew towards him.

"Alrighty! Wiiiiiiiiiiiind boooooooost~" Sylph exclaimed excitedly as she high fived Henry's hand with her...miniature ones, she was the size of a fairy after all. 

The moment their hands collided, everyone could feel wind energy rising up in the surroundings, before surrounding Henry as his eyes began to change color, alongside the normaly red parts of his tunic and clothes, changing to a bright green color to conceptualize wind magic. As the element of wind empowered Henry's body, a small burst of magic energy was released around him, signalizing the change. To anyone with aura reading capabilities, they'd notice that Henry's aura, which was null, meaning it could not be felt because he had no element activated, would be able to be felt as pure wind. A small faint wind aura spiralled around Henry as he looked at his hands, snapping some fingers.

"Gotta say, I'l never get tired of this." Henry commented. "Anyway." he finished as he snapped his fingers. As an orb of spiraling wind formed around Ceres, shooting a steady, cool and relaxing breeze all around her, to keep the paladin up and alive from the heat.

"That should do it. Thanks Sylph." He thanked Sylph as his aura went back to normal and the power dissipated. His clothes returned to their normals colors and all.

"Any time! wheeeee!" Sylph replied back as she began to fly around again.


- Hektor - The Time Lord - Herb connoseuring - 

"Thank you all, Hogarth, Rhiannon." Hektor spoke in a characteristic politeness befitting of a gentleman Hogart and Rhiannon began to explain the mission and its details for him.

Hektor analyzed all the information the others compiled for him. The plants and herbs were explained to him in detail, and pictures were even given, as everyone else began to act on their own volitions, the four armed ally of theirs spoke to him. As did Hoggarth, "I shall do as you ask, sir." Hektor spoke politely. "I shall assist you in your herbalist endeavours Sir Reksis, afterwards I shall split up and assist Miss Rhiannon in her whitenectar endeavours as well!" Hektor proposed. Keeping a picture of each of the plants that Hogarth had provided for reference. 

"So, Herr Reksis. Where do you originiate from?" Hektor asked Reksis along the way, trying to start up small talk between them. 

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((All right, folks who are saving the village; ready to fight?  Ready or not, here's your first battle.))

As Kolm poked at the red berries that floated in the bog surrounding them, Winona could not help but crack a grin.  She was once like that before travelling here and sampling a great many dishes from this world, including waterberries.  The plants were quite edible for all species, though their acidic and crisp nature made boiling the berries a much more feasible approach to eating them.  She did not say anything too much to him, however, as time was pressing and everyone seemed interested in getting to the town before it is too late, her especially.  Kolm and his inquiry would have to wait until a better time, she concluded as she marched to the front of the group.

"All right, everyone, let's head off.  Remember to keep your eyes open.  The sun is about to set in an hour, and it would be best to not be outside the city gates after twilight with undead around."

Pang nodded silently and meandered his way to the back of the group, taking in the very interesting scenario of Henry changing not only his appearance but also his elemental affinity just by a sharing of power with the wind spirit.  He stopped for a moment to observe this amazing situation, impressed by an entire shift in his mien and composure as well as his power, before smiling and walking on.  Winona can handle the front of there was any situation up there.  If he can maintain the back, he was assured that there would be no losses to undead or the darkness hovering about a bog thick with berries.

As Winona led the group ever closer to the town, the sun travelled lower and lower, and in the distance of about 500 meters (1600 feet) noises could be heard, tinny and dim at first but definitely the sounds of shouts and clanging.  Winona could not view the distance very well through the dying sun's light, but it sounded like the battle had been renewed, and the undead have made their move upon the town once more.

"Everyone, forward march, as quick as you can without falling into the water!  The battle is underway."

And with that, she was off, keeping her footing rather well with a steady pace and the good grip of her logger boots.  She would likely not be the fastest to get there, but she would be a quick followup to that person as they headed to the battlefield.

~ ~ ~

At the large wooden gates of the town, aquafolk on the walls, with their brightly coloured cloaks of gold and green, fended off against the great number of undead creatures that gathered and emerged from within the bogs themselves and stepped onto land.  Wind magic was employed to blast the foul, shambling corpses of Aquafolk and foreigners alike.  The more skilled mages within the group of Aquafolk were using aerial blades to cut through the hordes at poor but effective angles, but they could not perform such spells for long.  It was excellent timing that the group from The Haven arrived as they did.  If not, the gate might have been overrun and undead would have ventured inside the town.

On the outside of the gate, ten revenant bodies slammed their palms, swords, and axes against the thick timber that prevented them from gaining entry.  Five were launching arrows from afar, and three were casting necromantic magics upon the defenders on the wall, one to the left of the wall and two on the right.  Sickness, poison, and the oncoming of hastened decay and uneasy breath occurred for several of the defenders, weakening their forces considerably.  What can you do to help out?  Will you fight the enemy, or support and cure those that are in need?  Will you do nothing at all?  The choice is yours.

[[You are free to attack the horde of undead without limitations (except what you enforce on your own character) and can control the enemy without having to worry about god-modding.  As a result, battle all-out, and fight to your heart's content.  I'll move on after the abundance of undead are routed or destroyed.  The weaknesses and strengths below are just a rough speculation as to what magical elements and weapon types they are weak against and strong against.  Anything can be used, but not everything is effective.

With that, feel free to beat up some ghoulies.]]


Revenant Corpses (Aquafolk)
Strengths:  Strong against Fire Magic (0.5x effectiveness of magic), Strong against Water Magic (0.25x effectiveness), Strong against Dark Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong against Unhealing/Necromantic Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong towards Piercing Weapons (0.25x effectiveness)
Weaknesses:  Weak against Lightning Magic (3x effectiveness of magic), Weak against Earth Magic (1.5x effectiveness), Weak against Bludgeoning (2x effectiveness), Weak against Slashing (2x effectiveness), Weak against Ice Magic (3x effectiveness), Weak against Light Magic (3x effectiveness), Weak against Holy/Healing Magic (3x effectiveness).

Revenant Corpses (Human)
Strengths:  Strong against Dark Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong against Unhealing/Necromantic Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong towards Piercing Weapons (0.5x effectiveness)
Weaknesses:  Weak against Fire Magic (2x effectiveness), Weak against Earth Magic (1.5x effectiveness), Weak against Bludgeoning (2x effectiveness), Weak against Slashing (2x effectiveness), Weak against Light Magic (3x effectiveness), Weak against Holy/Healing Magic (3x effectiveness).

Long-dead Magi (Aquafolk)
Strengths:  Strong against Fire Magic (0.5x effectiveness of magic), Strong against Water Magic (0.25x effectiveness), Strong against Dark Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong against Unhealing/Necromantic Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Strong towards Piercing Weapons (0.25x effectiveness)
Weaknesses:  Weak against Lightning Magic (2x effectiveness of magic), Weak against Bludgeoning (2x effectiveness), Weak against Slashing (2x effectiveness), Weak against Ice Magic (2x effectiveness), Weak against Light Magic (2x effectiveness), Weak against Holy/Healing Magic (3x effectiveness).

-- -- -- -- --

Meanwhile, Hogarth nodded his head in Reksis' approximate direction, a mild bow as he smiled.  He knew he was going to like this Reksis in the times ahead, and Hektor too.  They seemed like a respectful bunch, and he appreciated that.

"I shall put my efforts into finding some mandrake, then," he voiced under his breath, squinting and changing the directions of all three of his airborne eyes as they surveyed the area anew.

Deep in the underbrush of the forest, something stirred, or rather a swarm had stirred, sensing the warm bodies of something other than the denizens of the forest within the vicinity.  Little leafy and flowery heads popped out of bushes, eyeless and mouthless except for what could be found within a single venus fly trap.  Hogarth did not catch on to this, but some of the others might be quick to realise that something is different and dangerous nearby.  Perhaps the crunching sound of one of the giant grasshoppers being eaten was a good clue, though if one can squint into the leaves of some bushes movement can be seen.

[[A fight scene may come up, depending on how people feel about fighting triffids, little plant monstrosities that are small but annoying and dangerous in swarms.  You may run, observe and prepare, or you may attack the bush in which dozens of these little plants are.  The choice is yours.]]

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Tweaked the battle comment for the Saving the Village quest.

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Ceres smiles “thank you Henry, thats much better” she then looks around hearing the noises. “I suppose our next course of action should be the town then. And we best hurry.” The paladin’s expression changed, she hefted her sheild and then rushed towards the town as fast as she could. Her footfalls were quite loud against the ground. She had yet to draw her blade.


Galla hurried after the others, she was quite slow and was lagging behind the rest. However this just let her prepare a spell or two for the upcoming battle. She noticed Pang was holding the the rear of the group and felt that she may be slowing the monk down. “ should go on ahead.... ill be fine alone...”

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Lukkel quickly saw the group gathering up and followed suit, he was enjoying every bit of the location they teleported to. As they were walking however he snapped out of his trance and heard Winona speak up, he booked it as fast as he could having his scythe ready to take down the enemy. Lukkel headed towards the right of the wall to take down the two spellcasters, he decided to use wind magic to help blow the enemy closer to him and force the to stagger and lose concentration. The two spellcasters looked towards him as he casted his spell, losing their footing Lukkel used the opportunity to slice the head off of one of the spellcasters. He accidentally swung a bit to wide and got his scythe stuck in the ground. 'Crap just my luck, got to excited and now I have to fight even closer range.' He thought has he put up his hand with padded gloves, using his wind magic he put "claws" made of wind magic at the end of his gloves ready to take the other spellcaster down. As Lukkel ran towards the enemy it casted sickness and Lukkel started to slow down as a result, as Lukkel was approaching the enemy to get in range he also got hit with a poison spell. Lukkel has never dealt with undead magic so it affected him pretty badly. Thinking quick on his feet he used healing magic to help with the poison and the sickness, cutting up the enemy.

"That was harder then expected, but I need to keep moving on." Lukkel said pulling his scythe out of the ground looking to see who all needed help.

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Pang bit down on his lip as he travelled in back with Galla, eyeing the situation ahead of him.  It seems that some of the group had made it to the wall of the village and was doing a great job without him, but at the same time that was where the greatest amount of danger was, and he left that to several new people whose capabilities he did not fully know but trusted.  At the very least Ceres and Winona were up there at the head of the bunch, ready to assist the newcomers in the skirmish and protect them in the case of danger.

For now, though, he felt defending the back would be the best for now.  While his speed would be useful, he had to go around all of his party members on a rickety bridge to head into combat.  That would be unsafe for him and for others, plus there was always the risk of an assault behind them.  Undead were not picky about their targets, nor were they honorable in the least.  If they had a possibility of attacking behind them, they likely would do so.

"While I would like to get up there and fight, they can handle it.  Between the mages and our new members, we can win this easily as long as new forces don't come from behind.  If that's the case, I'd rather support from behind, and if I can repay the favour I owe you in some way, well, it'll be worth it," the Zouyu replied, smiling bashfully toward her and scratching his ear.

As he expected, the undead approached from the other side of the bridge behind everyone, and some even appeared beyond Pang and Galla as well, crawling from the water and berries and onto the pontoon bridge.  A pincer attack was a precarious situation to be in, but against these poor-quality opponents it was likely not a situation.

"Here they come," he replied, swinging his quarterstaff expertly and staving in some zombies' heads so that they turned into dirty water.  Aquafolk zombies, considering their aqueous bodies, did not leave much residue beyond water itself.  "You take the ones on the other side, Galla.  Having fought you earlier, I trust your abilities in destroying these undead.  I'll help out when I can."

~~ ~~ ~~

Winona, on the other side next to the gate, ran freehand until her feet met solid ground and unbuckled her spear and shield from her fastenings.  The mages were successfully destroyed on one end by Lukkel, which left many of the undead exposed for ground forces.  That worked out well for her, who did not handle well against magic wielders except those of her own kind.

With a battle shout, she lurched forward into battle, slashing one of the human revenants with her long and sharp spear with two slices.  A moment later, she defended herself against another, who would have bitten into her shield arm had she not twisted the shield well enough to deflect and glance aside.  With the blow shunted, she took a step back, and her spear struck true against the neck of her opponent, who then fell into dust.

"Onwards, everyone.  Destroy the enemy and save the village!  Don't let a single one remain," she shouted, looking about her.  She spotted Lukkel and emitted a grin as her method of saying "Good work" before tackling her third undead creature for the day.

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Ceres charged forth and slammed her sheild across rhe skull of an undead being. She focused and let a radiant force pulse through her sheild and swiftly turned the monster to dust. She then turned seeing the pincer attack and placed herself between them and the new members of Haven. Her sheild glowed again and a large wall of light formed infront of her. Semi transparent yet solid. It was her will gave form.


Galla sighs before gathering her necromatic energies and focusing on the earth beneath her. “Devour them” she whispers before a large, slender skeletal serpent rose from the ground and slither across the very earth it came fom. Crashing into the shambling bags of flesh them came from the water. Several slashes formed on Galla’s body

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"Is it bothersome?" Kolm asked shortly after Henry's elemental shift.  "To be immune to weather changes, I mean?  I have an affinity toward the cold, and while many think it must be a blessing I rather view it as a curse.  I would like to feel what others feel, and be the same as everyone else.  I would imagine you, also, must feel much the same."

That, or perhaps I am the only one desirous to be normal, Kolm thought to himself, though he didn't have long to throw himself a pity party as they approached the village–and the undead who occupied it.

Bracing his mace, Kolm drew a step forward, though he still resided far from the gates and the undead that threatened it.  It seemed that wind magic was favored among the Aquafolk, though he wasn't certain if it would be very effective against the undead.

"Thankfully there is plenty of water around us that I can manipulate," Kolm murmured, waving a hand over the waterberry-covered water.  The water froze under his hand, rising from the body in the form of rather large icicles.  With a rotation of Kolm's wrist the icicles' sharp ends pointed in the direction of their enemy, and in throwing his arm they shot forth.  One of the undead, not expecting the assault, received icicles stabbing into its back.  It let out a hissing growl and spun around, its attention now upon him.

It darted toward Kolm with impressive speed for an undead, swinging its weapon precariously in an attempt to sever his head from his neck.  Kolm met the attack with his mace, shoving the undead back and turning the breeze from one of the wind spells behind them (from an Aquafolk) into that of an icy gust.  He swung his mace into the undead's gut before sending more icicles to rain upon his foe.  It was a power struggle, the undead simply not wanting to fall, though with a well-timed strike of the mace, Kolm managed to knock its head off as it rolled down the hill and stopped with a dull thud against the wooden gate.  There was little time to celebrate this victory, however, as two more of the undead began to approach him.  He braced his mace like a baseball bat, determination fierce in his aqua-blue eyes.


Rhiannon smiled at Hektor the gentleman as he offered to aid her later.  "I would very much like that," was her response, before he was off with Reksis.  The young woman began to then wander alone, through the overgrowth and deeper into the forest.

The blonde hummed to herself, crouching down on her knees to inspect the plants growing on the forest floor.  Things were more overgrown than she had remembered from her last trip out into the Elysian Forest, and yet strangely more barren of medicinal herbs.  Just as she thought that she'd come across some more whitenectar but instead found simple honeysuckle, she heard something rustle in the thick brush behind her.  Rhiannon rose, her braid falling silently against her back.

"Hektor, Reksis?  Is that you guys?"


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- Henry - Protecting the Aquafolk gate from a score of undead -

[Wind Form]

"Not really, whenever I tap into an element I feel as the element itself so...I guess I can't say." Henry answered Kolm's question before they had arrived at thei destination, the aquafolk gate. His teammates soon rushed into combat, Galla and pang supported them from behind, Henry stepped fowards, still in wind form as Sylph materialized beside him, he frowned as he analyzed the battlefield, everyone was putting up a good fight, but they had to take out the mages before they took down the Aquafolks protecting the gate.

A whirlwind of wind formed around Henry's feet, before shooting him up high into the air, high enough for him to completely oversee the battle as he aimed for one of the undead Aquafolk magi as another whirlwind formed behind him as he launched himself in its direction like a missile.

'Gnome!' Henry spoke in his mind, signaling Gnome to grant him her power.

[Earth Style

Henry's appearance changed yet again, this time for brown additions to his clothing and eyes, as well as a powerful physical aura emanating around him and rocks floating around him. as Henry was already flying towards one of the magi he formed a gauntlet of enhanced magic rocks on his arm as he used the momentum of the lunge as he smashed the ground with it, this unleashed a large shockwave in his vicinity as the ground around him suddenly shot up, sending many undead flying high into the air, many dead from the sheer impact of the blast, others like the magi alive. 

Henry then switched elements once again, back into wind.

[Wind form] 

Henry's eyes began to glow brighter as wind magic began to flow around him as he snapped his fingers. this caused all of the undead that were sent into the air to stop falling, and float mid air as a barrier made of wind magic formed below them, as several wind blades began to form around it, and it were literaly blades made of wind, and many of them. As they began to make mince meat of the surviving undead in the air, including the Undead Aquafolk magi.

Afterwards several wind blades formed around his back as he began to assist the others in dealing with the undead as well.




- Hektor - Gentlemanly Herbalist - 

Just as Hektor had just managed to spot the kingsfoil plant he and Reksis were looking for, the plant was indeed leafy and looked just like a poison ivy from his own world, hopefuly it wasn't poisonous, or made you itch uncontrollably, either way Hektor barely had time to pick the herb up and pull out the important bits of the herb and put it into one of his pockets, once the plant was safely there he noticed the rustling in the bushes. "Herr Reksis...something lies in the bushes, keep watch...i'l go warn Rhianon, if you could do the same for Hogarth i'd be eternaly grateful" Hektor spoke, yet politely towards the four armed being as Hektor almost instinctively reached into his suit for his pocket watch, as it clocked, time began to slow down. 

A few seconds wasted as he looked for her through the thick bushes and leaves which stood in the way, but he eventualy found her.

He dashed towards Rhianon, avoiding bushes as when time time returned to normal the bushes would move from touching them regardless if done in stopped time. He managed to get behind Rhianon with time to spare in his time control, as he reverted time back to normal as he placed his hand on Rhianon's left shoulder, stepping beside her as he hoped he hadn't startled her. "I am afraid it is neither, something else lurks in the bushes." Hektor spoke to her. His tone a bit more serious.

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Pang turned back to see Galla end the lives, or lack thereof, of several undead beings with a phenomenal use of a serpent's skeleton, something he had never seen before from her and made note of.  He did not want to get on her bad side, though once looking over at Galla herself he noticed some bleeding from a few areas, and yet she was not touched by the undead creatures.  He now knew the reasons, however, after their battle.  The necromantic magicks were a dangerous thing for those among the living, bringing them one step closer to the afterlife after every use, or so he once was told.  In order to provide the best support for her, he would have to be the main fighting force and deal as many killing blows to the undead horde as possible.

An idea popped up, and a green aura appeared on his hands as he applied strong supercharge magic to them, numerous lights running along his skin and running around and around his palm and fingers.  He knelt down to the ground on his knee, clapped his hands together, and after waiting a second or two brought them into the waterberry bog, the light scattering inside of the water.  While not electric by any means, this energy diffused into the water and would be harmful to the undead that touched it.

"Hruu . . . hah!" he shouted as a second, stronger wave of energy streamed down the entire length of his arms and surged into the water.  The first casting of supercharge magic was a warmup, and the second casting amplified the destructive power of his former casting.  The Aquafolk farmers would have to forgive him for his disintegration of these undead creatures and polluting the water with grey bonemeal.  At the very least this would nourish the plants and make their aquaberries taste better.

On the other side of the battlegrounds, Winona was feeling very good about the current situations.  They not only had the number advantage now, but a considerable advantage in positioning.  Henry, with his skyrocketing and elemental shifting, had entered a great position for taking out the enemy, and all of the enemy mages were taken out, relieving many of the Aquafolk mages on top of the gate as their momentary sicknesses and closeness with death were cleansed from their bodies.  One captain general on top seemed particularly enthused by the reinforcements and their removal of much of the problem.

"All units on the northern Main Gate and Sluice Gate, descend from the walls!  We are taking this fight to the ground level!" the golden-faced leader of the mages gave voice, launching himself off of the podium and descending upon a plume of wind.  Several others went down to join the fight in the same fashion.  The remnants went down the old-fashioned way, taking the ladders to descend safely and open up the gates.  Unfortunately for them, the battle will be over by then.

Winona held her spear aloft and shouted, "All right, let's flatten these undead!  Just a little more and this side will be secure!"

((Three Aquafolk revenants and four human revenants left for those who want to fight on and destroy them.  The mages are destroyed, and the second battle will contain the lich, who is the boss of this quest.  Very nice battle sequences so far, everyone, and I eagerly look forward to seeing your posts in the future as well!))

-- -- -- -- --

Hektor's timely assistance with Rhiannon was perfect for the situation, as the creatures within the underbrush were prepared to move and screeched hideously before popping out of the bushes.   Each creature was about a foot long in body and head and walked on what looked like three sets of root systems all sprawling and scampering towards the group.  Little Venus fly trap heads opened and closed their little jaws as they pitched their frantic screams.  The arms, however, thin little tendrils that leafed out by about two feet, were actually the most menacing part about them, more than long enough to suffocate or tighten around someone.

These nasty beings were triffids, plant monsters that attacked in swarms and would like nothing more than to devour fleshy meat beings, then digest them for the next fifteen days until their next meal.  They can be dangerous alone or in a group, but their greatest advantage lies in numbers.  They are being reckless at the moment, and these bum-rushing crazy plants are the only ones attacking Hektor and Rhiannon.

~~ ~~ ~~

Meanwhile, Hogarth felt a ping from one of his airborne eyes, catching a visual of some mandrakes.  They were nice, big, and leafy, and had an abundance of Venus fly trap heads and were running in his direction.  Aww, how cute.

Wait, those weren't mandrakes.  Those were . . . triffids.  Hogarth did not like that thought, not one bit, and jumped up to his feet with his hands at the ready, arms spread out and ready to swing.  It was a pain, trying to do all of this without a single eye inside his head to see from, but at the very least he had a bird's-eye view of himself and the assailing party as one of his eye cameras adjusted its viewpoint.

Fifteen metres, ten metres, five.  Hogarth smiled as he braced for impact and waited.

The triffids pounced upon him and covered about 70% of him within four seconds, entangling him with their vine arms and readying their mouths to attack.  They did not see it coming that they attacked the wrong person, many of their constricting limbs and ravenous teeth being slashed from the inside by something sharp.

"Alloy Substitute," he recited ten feet away, his eyes still closed, his body somersaulting into the grass as he turned his head.  Inside the mess of triffids was a metal clone, full of sharp edges as well as a nice amount of flint and gunpowder.  Using his overhead camera as a visual guide, he bolted and ran away as far as he could before his clone detonated and fired all of its many parts as projectiles.  Shield magic protected his back from miscellaneous shrapnel, though unfortunately he only took out about 80% of the triffid force.  Four still remained intact and ran after him with all the speed they could muster, and Hogarth was having a moment of panic as he tried to summon two of his eyes back toward him.

"Everyone's gotta get out of here and get somewhere safe," he huffed mid-run.  "Triffids weren't planned for at all, these annoying, spiteful things.  I hope the others are alright.  Once I finish these ones off, I have to check in on Rhiannon and the others."


Entangling Widemouthed Triffid

Strengths:  Strong against Earth Magic (0.5x effectiveness of magic), Strong against Water Magic (0.25x effectiveness), Absorbs Light Magic (-1x effectiveness), Strong against Dark Magic (0.5x effectiveness), Absorbs Healing/Holy Magic (-1x effectiveness), Strong towards Piercing Weapons (0.5x effectiveness)
Weaknesses:  Weak against Fire Magic (3x effectiveness of magic), Weak against Slashing (3x effectiveness), Weak against Ice Magic (2x effectiveness), Weak against Necromantic/Unhealing Magic (3x effectiveness).


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Lukkel saw that everyone was doing vary well, he got pretty excited about the fight and happy we were winning. Hearing that the this side was almost secured he took a deep breath and charged towards the 3 aquafolk using his sythe again he always aimed to talk off the head. He swong the blade behind the neck of the enemy doing a quick pull of the scythe with his hips beheading the first one. Turning around he throws the scythe at the 2nd one and runs to the next one and using healing magic turning the undead to ash. He runs to pick up his scythe as he leaps for it he gets a deep cut in the back, spinning around he slices the next one. He starts breathing heavy from exhaustion, and he drops his scyth down as he can't lift it. Activating healing magic in his hands he does a pushs with his feet as much as he could and with a grunt he turns the last one into ash as well.

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Ceres dropped the light wall as Pang and Galla dealt with thr issue. She then turned and made a mad dash towards the human like undead, her footfalls were loudly like thunder. Using her entire body she forcefully crashes into one of them undead while forming a small magical barrier around herself. She then took a defencive stance against the other two. Her sword remained undrawn at her side.


Galla took her time to examine the undead in thr area. She tried her hand at weaving their necrotic aura’s into something she could control. She was unsure if it was even possible to override an undeads existance as a servant to make it into something else, but she would still try.

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Galla should be pleased to know that the intact, or mostly intact, undead within her vicinity were able to be turned, their control no longer that of another's or their own, but that of Galla's will.  The nameless undead were easy to force a change of allegiance.  However, named undead, those with understanding beyond those of normal necromantic creatures, were more difficult to turn.

Pang rose from the water's edge, his hands wet and covered with sopping bone meal, observed Galla curiously as she practiced her magic before looking about again.  No more zombies seemed to be lingering within the area besides those Galla were attempting to turn, and the fight up ahead was nearing a close.  A flawless victory, but not bloodless.  These new recruits did very well with the start of their first mission.  There was no doubt within his mind that they will blossom to fantastic warriors someday, perhaps greater than those he already knew.

~~ ~~ ~~

Winona fell upon the two remaining revenants on her side of the battlefield.  Finding their attention fixated upon Ceres with her arcane barrier wrapped around her, she stuck her spear into the ground and prepared something nasty in her main hand:  gravity magic.  Bracing herself for the gravity well in her hand and the forces enacted upon her as a result, she lobbed a freshly made black sphere in one of the undead's directions.  The unfortunate thing was quick to fall apart as she controlled the sphere from a distance and had it encircle the revenant.  The creature, with its flimsy body and joints, was quick to fall apart, as was the second creature when she forced the ball to spin around it as well.

Both were quickly dispatched, and she allowed her magic to dissipate.  The battle was quickly won on this side thanks to the valiance of all involved in this scrap, though additional fighting was still required elsewhere.

"Thank you all for coming to our aid, warriors," vocalised the commander general of the Aquafolk, sledging a musclebound hand on his chestplate as a show of gratitude.  "This side is secured for the most part, so we will pool our efforts and focus on the assault on the east gate.  I am loath to ask your assistance further in this dire time, but please help us defend that part of the city.  A lich is what brought the living dead to our door."

"So we have heard from the posting given to us at The Haven," commented Pang as he came up close.  "But what reason does a lich attack a quiet town like yours who grows crops?"

The Aquafolk general scanned him beneath thick eyebrows and unveiled his head from beneath his helmet.

"I've seen your face before, Zouyu.  You were sweet to a girl of our kind,  once and went with her here, didn't you?  Fate is cruel indeed if you are him and she is her.  The lich is nought another but Aprameia, come to collect the souls and bodies of her kin."

Pang's eyes narrowed as he stared dumbfounded at the decorated warrior, his lips failing to form the words he sought for a time.

"Aprameia . . . is here?  You're certain it was her?  But she died years ago.  She broke the tenets of The Haven and disappeared."

"I'd wager her disappearance or death was either really short or really long, 'cause I heard and saw true.  It is her, one of the Aquafolk's greatest prodigies."  His eyes looked sourly at the white tiger.  "She would have still been here and avoided this mess had she not left her kin.  If you say you are from Haven, help solve the mess your little group of soldiery gave us, and we will clear your collective name of guilt."

Words were hard-pressed to describe what went through Pang's heart that moment.  It was dread, shock, embarrassment, and a tinge of joy.  He did not fully understand the situation of what happened, but if Aprameia was alive this complicated things heavily.

"I . . . of course.  If this really is her, I would like to destroy her myself and free her from this living death, though I cannot do it alone."

He turned towards the rest of the group, hoping they would follow or assist him in defending the east gate.

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- Lucia Quinn, the Raging Tempest - Sapnin Village -

The initial battles that took place once the group had reached the Village of the Aquafolk did not feature the Tempest, who while prepared to fight, decided to stay back, as to observe the fighters upon their first moves. Lucia essentially wished to test them, albeit indirectly, as she never got the chance to spar with anyone before they had to leave. One of particular interest was Henry: His distinct elemental styles derived from his spirit companions were fascinating and all the more impressive for being a power completely unfamiliar to her.

It was soon after that Pang entered talks with the Commander of the Aquafolk's fighting force, discussing the perpetrator of this vicious attack, confirming it had to be a Lich raising these vile revenants. But when Pang heard who the Lich in question had to be, he turned to the group, his heart had sunk as he requested their help to not only put an end to this looming threat, but to absolve The Safe Haven of their involvement in Aprameia's departure from this town, her subsequent death and resurrection as a Lich.

"I don't believe I've heard of this, Aprameia, but...ahh, forgive me if I've eavesdropped, Pang, but know that I will gladly help you free her of the torment of living as a Lich, I promise you." Lucia began, catching herself upon her potential impoliteness, then vowed with sincerity and a bow to Pang.


- Reksis Vahn, the Voidstalker - The Elysian Forest -

Hektor had dubbed the Eliksni "Herr Reksis", as a seemingly proper form of address, if his understanding of Human Culture was up to snuff. As such, he did not object to being referred to as such, so he indulged his request to know him better.

"My race comes from a distant planet...our homeworld, its name lost to time and The Whirlwind which claimed our golden age..." Reksis reflected for a moment, finding a few more herbs that they needed before resuming. "I was born and raised in the Cosmodrome in Old Russia, Earth. A, different one to yours, I would assume, to the House of Kings, before our Kell was killed and we had to become what we are now." He went on, then pointed to the House Insignia upon his cloak. "The House of Dusk. One born of desperation...but a newfound unity and drive." Reksis however had to end it there, for they were not alone in this forest. Hektor advised that Reksis warn Hogarth before the Gentlemen went for Rhiannon, so he complied quickly, making for Hogarth at a rapid pace before the Triffid's made their move.

"Hogarth!" He called as the old man was seemingly enveloped in their grasp, but was soon revealed to be a deception, for Hogarth possessed such a power and let the Triffid's have it, but some still remained out of the majority that were destroyed, with the man in question suggesting a retreat for all but himself. Reksis responded by drawing his Shrapnel Launcher and priming it to fire. "They're plant life, correct? Then they'll burn to a crisp." He uttered, before firing large Solar Fire-based shrapnel at the inbound Triffid's, clusters of four firing with each trigger pull, hopefully searing the plants as he hoped.

Reksis's Ghost remained quiet and close to the Voidstalker, preferring to keep himself safe, especially as Reksis and Hogarth had the situation in hand.

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Hektor's sudden appearance made Rhiannon jump.  In an instant Hektor would find the tip of Rhiannon's spear at his throat, expression fierce until she took note that it was him.  Sheepishly she lowered her spear to the ground, cheeks flushed in embarrassment.  "Hektor," she started.  "Please don't sneak up on people like that.  I could've pierced you before I managed to get a good look at you."

Rhiannon shifted, gaze falling upon the bush as the triffids emerged.  "Oh no," she murmured darkly under her breath.  "This could get ugly very fast."

The annoying little things proceeded to launch an attack at Hektor and Rhiannon, the latter spearing one clean through before glancing back over her shoulder.  "They are dangerous in numbers," she explained to her companion.  "We ought to retreat before they can consume us.  What say you?"


Kolm felt rather confused during the exchange between the chief of the Aquafolk and Pang.  A frown furrowed his brow.

"I am with you all the way," Kolm responded to Pang's request for assistance.  "Though I am afraid that I did not fully follow the conversation.  This woman . . . .  She was like us previously, and you knew her?  Will this, ah, complicate things for you to encounter her?"  These words would perhaps be ill-received, and likely shouldn't have been spoken at all, but Kolm often said things in poor taste and did not know when to quell his tongue.

(I am sorry for the shorter posts.  I am quite tired but I wanted to get something in here since it had been a while.)

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The white tiger smiled somberly and nodded his thanks towards Lucia first and Kolm second, though he dropped the expression and paused long before responding to the young man's question.

"It will be complicated, but I will see this through.  I owe her that much, and more besides."

The wooden palisade gateway, overlayed with much interlacing bands of metal, soon gave way and creaked ever upward like a portcullis.  Holes incised from the spiked points of the gate can be found on either side of a narrow wheel path in the middle, a defensive feature against siege-worthy battering rams and tunnelers.  The Aquafolk soldiery from behind the gate jumped from over the holes and stood aside almost in unison, giving their guests a proper greeting and show of protection by placing one of their fists on their own chests.

"Come, it is best that we do not tarry," informed the Aquafolk commander general brusquely, inviting them across the threshold of the gate and leading the way.  Pang quickened his pace to match the swift, long strides of the decorated warrior.  "Our brethren are fighting their best and giving their all on the other end where the forces are strongest.  Haven members, we are counting on you to repulse these dead from our lands.  Foul magic casters, creating life from the dead.  If I had more of a say in the nation, necromancers and their ilk would not be welcomed here or anywhere neighboring us."

Pang curbed his tongue, wanting to provide defense of Galla and her instrumental use of the dead against the enemy, but deciding against it.  Instead, he merely growled and moved on.  Now was not the time to enter a debate, nor was it time to be thrown outside of the grounds and complicate matters.

Winona tarried behind with the rest of the group, looking at the confusion of Lucia and Kolm from before.  Surely enough they would not have known about Aprameia, and she felt inclined to shed some light on the subject.

"Everyone, listen in.  This can be useful for the fight ahead, or just for your general knowledge.  Aprameia's tale is a sensitive topic in The Haven.  She was from an Aquafolk town like this and recruited within our community, her abilities praiseworthy in terms of control of water and wind magic.  Every Aquafolk deals with only one kind of magic, typically wind magic.  She had two, which made her very, very special.  The strength of her powers were comparable to the first Haven members, in recorded history, anyway, but she was pacifistic."

Winona furrowed her brow and looked to the side, eyeing the heavily fur- and vine-laden yurts on either side, built in the traditional circular fashion.  Living in a swamp had its limitations of materials, but civilisation finds a way to make due with what it had.  Narrow streets bobbed between rows of tents, but they were empty.  The few visages one can see were small ones that popped out of the tent openings before swiftly disappearing inside, terror in their eyes.  The escalation of battle are too much for young ears, she thought to herself.

"She got along well with everyone," Winnie continued, "especially Pang, who seemed to be interested in her.  However, she ignored the warnings of many and refused to leave Haven for a while.  Pang, being a kind soul, tried to offer a mission with her.  From what little he said to me, she accepted, but she did not leave for it in time.  After twenty-one days, she just was . . . gone.  Pang took it hard, but if what is said is true this will give him at least some closure.  I worry for him, though."

Pang seemed oblivious to the conversation behind him, his eyes and ears set upon the torchlight of the eastern gate where the path they were travelling down trailed.  Many blasts of wind could be heard over the sounds of battle, as well as the roar of water crashing against large objects.  There was little doubt in his eyes.  He was certain that it was her, but what would he do when the time came?  That question bothered him fiercely, and he ruffled the fur on his head with an agitated sweep of his hand.

-- -- -- -- --

Meanwhile, far off in another universe, Hogarth was more than happy to witness the demise of even more plants as the abominable triffids chasing him were absolutely demolished by the fire-based shrapnel of his weapon.  Triffids, as a whole, were very dry and kept the water they absorbed tightly inside, mostly in the xylem and the phloem.  Due to this, the four beings were quick to light up like torchwick, and Hogarth stopped his running, puffing in and out many quick gasps for air.

"Thank you, Reksis," he panted before standing up straight and holding out his hand.

One of his inbound eyes, and then another one, descended into his palm and entered sleep mode until he inserted both into their rightful orbits.  Feeling quite glad to see things normally now, excepting that one eye in the sky, he walked up to Reksis and sent an encapsulating shield made of Shield magic over to where the triffids were, the fire about them and wherever else the shapnel lay being quickly suffocated from lack of oxygen.

"That's a nice machine you have there.  One does not often see guns in The Haven.  I can certainly say they're effective, though, after seeing them more in use.  But where are the others?  Where's Selene?"

((I will wait for the others in the forest before continuing on with the terrible triffid brigade.))

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Lukkel healed up caught up with the group, missed the conversation about who the lich is, but hearing Pang ask for help he nodded his head. Seeing the way Pang looked made Lukkel nervous as to what we might be dealing with, but hearing more about who the lich is made him sad as well. "C-Could we vanish like that as well?" Lukkel asked Winona in a worried tone as they walked to their destination.

(Been a crazy week, I will try to do better.)

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Galla overheard the conversation and looked down at her hands. Letting her dark magic flow from her fingertips before returning it to her body. “Nothing Im not used to....” she looked towards Pang and then to the others as she dragged behind. “Im going to flank around. Ill meet you all there....” she said before leaving to do just that. She dropped control of the extra corpses and severed their ties to the necromatic force that allowed their existance.


Ceres looked back, concerned but allowed her allies to do as they wished during the mission. She would, however, confront Galla later about it upon their return to Haven if someone didnt interject before then

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- Henry - Aquafolk Village -

"Necromancy's nothing more than a tool, the user is what dictates its use" Henry spoke, albeit more of a comment as the Aquafolk leader spoke about necromancers and his disdain for them. Henry had known one particular necromancer, Shadow, in his world, who controled an army of revived beings albeit his "zombies" were given life back and free will to do as they wished, if they wished for death...then they'd die again without pain, it was rather humane for such a thing. Henry had a lot of respect and understanding for Necromancers, a lot of them meant well, but were just misunderstood.

And Henry was even more understanding of Pang's plight with his lost Aprameia. He had lost loved ones as well, so he understood the pain. Henry simply nodded with a serious and dedicated expression as he followed them to the gate. "If she controls wind and water..." Undine commented, as Sylph flew by. "Then we're a perfect match!" The wind fairy spoke excitedly. 

"Indeed...Pang, everyone, when the fighting starts, i'l draw her attention, I'l be able to fight her blow for blow with the spirits" Henry suggested a tactic for the fight. "I'l try creating openings in her defense, you all know the rest." Henry finished as he walked along them.

- Hektor - With Rhianon against the Triffids - 

Hektor's expression had not changed, nor did he react much to Rhiannon's spear at his throat. Her reactions were impressive, as were her reaction to the Triffids appearing, not losing her cool during their appearance.

"Such little things? I have just the thing for the likes of them." Hektor spoke, as he placed his hand on Rhiannon's shoulder as she'd notice her being enveloped by a faint, grey light which quickly vanished after a second as he touched her shoulder. He had granted her his Time's Gift, which allowed her to share Hektor's abilities when he casted them. Without changing his serious expression he snapped his fingers as a small spiral of time energy began to spin around them, one around Hektor and the other around Rhiannon, the spiral was around 2 meters wide for Rhiannon and 4 Meters wide for Hektor. 

Two triffids lunged at them, one at Hektor and the other at Rhiannon, both were promplty destroyed by the surrounding waves of damaging energy as their corpses fell in slow motion to the ground, slowed down by the time magic attribute as well.

"There we go, provided we don't stray too far from one another, say twenty or so meters away, we should be fine as my magic won't allow them to get near us, and any ranged attacks should be blocked by it as well." Hektor commented, as he hit the ground with his cane a few times. "We should regroup with Hoggarth and Reksis, what do you say Ms Rhiannon?" Hektor asked her, casual and polite.


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