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Tyranto Rex

List of Disney worlds you are most looking forward too

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I'll start

1. Toy Story

2. Hercules

3. Monster's Inc

4. Big Hero Six

5. Winnie the Pooh (yes and I'll explain)

6. Tangled

7. Frozen

8. Pirates of the Caribbean (an unpopular opinion but again I'll explain)

Looking at my list I think I'm looking forward to the worlds that have original stories to them then one's that follow their respective movies and ones from my childhood cause I'm biased. Of course, these are just the ones I am looking forward to the most, the ones I end up liking the most might be completely different. I was thinking of adding original worlds but I might wait till later to add those since 1. We have not seen much of them and 2. there's no (offical) list so here are some explanations:

Toy Story I look forward to the most cause it was a long time coming to include into the franchise, it's part of my childhood, and it has an original story. We have probably seen the most of this world due to demos and it looks really fun and I can't wait to see what crazy KH related story they have planned for it. And the dev team seem really excited for their Pixar titles.

Hercules is a weird one to include so high on my list, since it's the most used Disney world and, like others, want to see new worlds, but it's used a lot for a reason. It's the only one of two tradionally animated movies to have a world in KH3 sadly and it's again part of my childhood. I don't know exactly what the story is gonna be like but it seems to be original.

Monster's Inc's not one of my favorite Pixar movies, but I still have heavy nostalgia for it. Again, it has an original story for it, Vanitas will be there, it's one of the few Disney world's that will probably have a somewhat interesting Disney villian boss fight. It just looks really fun to me.

Big Hero Six we have sadly not seen much of this world, but we knew about it for a long time. Again it has an original story and dark Baymax sounds amazing. The world's design is one of the best. Plus either Repliku or Data Riku will be there, which will probably cause some drama.

Winnie the Pooh I.... don't particularly have an exact reason for it being higher then some of the others, but I think some of the main reasons is because 1. another 2d film and I really like the look of it (nobody listen to the people who say the 2d films would not look as good). And I just have a soft spot for Pooh :P. But I do wish that since they included this they should of had another Disney world to make it 9.

Tangled is not one of my favorite Disney movies. I don't necessarily hate it by any means but whenever I think about the most recent Disney films I always forget about it cause I find it really underwelming. And I really don't understand why some fans find it underrated but I'm not hear to talk about that. Let's just say I have some feelings.  But at the same time the world looks absolutely gorgious and Marluxia is there and it fits perfectly with him. Even though I don't particularly understand why he is an organization member. And I enjoy Gothel.

Frozen was extremely obvious and again I have a lukeworm reaction of the movie. Though I'm not gonna go into detail here cause it's been overly loved and overly hated for the past like five years so now I just have a "it's OK" reaction to it. It was sadly kinda ruined for KH3 even before it was announced. Basically I have the same feelings about it as I do for Tangled. But the big downside to this is not fighting with any character other than sometimes Marshmellow. Like I understand for story purposes but come on. One of the big plus sides is Larxine. Even though again I don't understand why she is in the organization. The world still looks gorgious though.

POTC I'm sorry, even though the graphics look stunning for this world, it still has an uncanniness that every live action property has in this franchise. It does indeed look better here than in KH2, but seeing an anime boy with a cartoon duck and dog thing is super weird to see with a live action person. Like I understand some people's appeal for it but I dunno I find it kinda....cringy? Plus, I have not seen the third pirates since I did not like the second pirates so I just kind of stopped watching them. Maybe I would like it, maybe I would not but ehh been kinda over pirates for awhile. Davy Jones might be a fun boss though.

Again, these are just the ones that I think I will like the most. My actual favorites might be completly different. I probably over explained myself, expecally with the ones I'm least looking forward to, but it was fun. What are the ones you guys are most looking forward too? 


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1. The Caribbean

I love At World's End, I like ocean settings, the ship battles look fun, Luxord is there, the graphics are beautiful. 

2. Olympus

Very happy to see the entire mountain this time around, and it's finally completing the story from the movie. Plus it looks like a huge place to explore

3. San Fransokyo

While I don't particularly care for the film, the city looks very cool (especially at night) with lots of verticality.

4. Kingdom of Corona

The forest is a nice setting and having a town area with npcs is good. Plus I liked the movie.

5. Toy Box

I think the multiple levels of the toy store and the different ways of getting about will make it fun to journey through. 

6. Monstropolis

We haven't seen much of this world so It's hard for me to judge at this point. Don't really care for unversed either. I did like the film though.

7. Arendelle

Don't much like the movie but the world looks nice enough. Did someone in an interview say something about a labyrinth? That would make it more interesting for sure.

8. 100 Acre Wood

Eh, It's just minigames.

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San Fransokyo (Big Hero 6) - The film has great depth and themes of darkness in the heart and I'm intrigued because this will be the first city-based world other than The World That Never Was and I really like cityscapes. 

Arendelle (Frozen) -  I find the film overrated because felt the development was lacking, leaving some significant explanations to be desired but I do appreciate the use of Elsa's insecure character as a manipulatable in response to her having a coveted power. Even though it's predictable...literally. It actually was predicted to a tee. Users on KHInsider had this pegged when the film came out and it's inclusion in KH3 mere speculation (BTW, I hadn't found KH13 yet in case this might have gotten me lynched). 

Montropolis (Monster's Inc.) - To be honest, I don't know what to expect here story-wise, but I like the trio's monster forms.

The Toy Box (Toy Story) - Again, don't know what story to expect but I appreciate the whole new depth the unique nature of this world offers to the KHverse. It also gives me a sense of nostalgia as I was a big fan of the Toy Story video games. I've played the SNES and PS games as well as the Tiger Electronic. I still own the PS game. 

Kingdom of Corona (Tangled) - I'm looking forward to Mother Gothal's role primarily because she has such interesting potential. Being centuries old she has the potential to have been around during the Keyblade war, perhaps even as a participating wielder.  

I'm not a fan of Pirates of the Carribean, I tried to watch the first film on TV once but it failed to obtain my interest and am neutral about Olympus and The Hundred Acre Wood.  
I am looking forward to more aspects of the Hercules film being introduced and I love Winnie the Pooh but am hoping for a different entrance as the book being damaged is redundant and at this point is reaching. 

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For me it would be the following: 

1. Big Hero 6: The gameplay looks amazing! Flying through San Fransokyo on Baymax? Sign me up!

2. The Caribbean: Similar to my reasons for Big Hero 6, but this time it's about the underwater combat and ship battles. I'm excited to try it out.

3. Toy Box: I'm really looking forward to an original story that's actually going to be part of the canon of the films! And Galaxy Toys looks pretty awesome to explore. I bet it will be packed with easter eggs!

4. Monstropolis: I've always felt that if they were to include a Pixar world, this one would be one of the best choices, and I was thrilled to see that they apparently agreed. There's so much they could do with this world. Maybe we could see the monsters that scared Sora, Riku and Kairi as kids?

5. Kingdom of Corona: I'm mostly looking forward to seeing Rapunzel in combat. I bet her hair will prove to be super useful and I'm hoping they came up with some creative stuff.

6: Arendelle: I knew this one was coming, and I am looking forward to it. It's mainly just that I didn't really care for the film, so I can't get super exited for the world. But we've never had a winter-themed world before, so I think that'll be a nice change of scenery.

7: Olympus: I'm looking forward to finally being able to leave the Coliseum and the Underworld and explore Mount Olympus, but other than that I'm kind of neutral on this world.

8. Hundred Acre Wood: This is the only Disney world that disappointed me. I'm so tired of this world. It never ever changes, it's always the same thing: Pooh and his friends have lost each other, and you have to reunite them through mini-games. I've said it before and I'll say it again: I do not like worlds focused on mini-games. I find them boring and tedious. But I guess as long as it's not KHII Atlantica, I can tolerate this one.

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The worlds I'm most interested in are constantly changing. It was different last week and might be different next week.

1. Toy Story. It looks to be really original and I'm excited to play with Woody and Buzz on my team. It's a world I've wanted for years and I love Toy Story. It'll be cool to see what Young Xehanort is trying to accomplish by researching toys. Can't wait.

2. Monsters Inc. Like Toy Story, it looks original. The designs are unique. We got some hints of Ventus in Sora's Heart in this world too. Mike, Sully, and Boo are present and I love them. Looking forward to a Randal Boss battle. Best of all Vanitas, one of the scariest villains in KH is here. You know things are going to get rough when Vanitas is around.

3. Big Hero Six. Originally I didn't care much for this world beyond Baymax, but now I'm really excited for it. The potential storyline of Hiro and the original Baymax being controlled by darkness. A version of Riku present as a Seeker has me interested. Is it Data Riku, Riku Replica, time travel Riku, or something new altogether? Best of all Sora has a moment of remembering Roxas' time with Hayner, Pence, and Omelette...I mean Olette XD

4. Hercules. Even though we go to his world a lot I always have fun in Hercules worlds. Be it the Coliseum or the Underworld. Now we're going to the Zeus's playground with all 4 titans and more Hades? I've wanted that since KHI.

5. Frozen. I know a lot of people are sick of Frozen, but I loved it. It's a world I figured would be in KHIII. However many things have deflated my interest in it. It's following the movie plot? Anna and Elsa are not party members? Booooooo! At least Larxene is going to be here so she'll make up for that. And the winter world looks like eye candy.

6. Tangled. Same as Frozen really. Love it and knew it would have a place in Kingdom Hearts someday. Marluxia being there is a plus and will help distract me from the retelling of the movie plot.

7. Pirates of Caribbean. I was not a fan of Dead Man's Chest or At World's End. The only thing I really liked in those movies was Davy Jones, and thankfully he'll be in the games. That being said the world looks beautiful and the character models blend in much better then they did in KHII. Jack Sparrow sounds like Jack Sparrow now. My favorite gambler Luxord is here and he looks great as well. So while it's not high on the list I still want to play here and see what happens.

8. Winnie the Pooh. I have no problems with more Pooh Storybook. The only reason it's last is because it's a minigame world and no story will be advanced here. It's just a fun little distraction. I enjoyed the 100 Acre Wood in the last two games, so I should enjoy it here. I'm just more excited for the other world because...story elements will be told there.

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I'm looking forward to them all, pretty much equally, except for 100 Acre wood. I love pooh and will probably enjoy the mini-games, but I don't think it should of been the last world. 8 worlds is fine though, and it saves something for KH4

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