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*Spoilers* KH3 Chat

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2 seconds later "aww man he's nothing like we expected him to be"
2 seconds later when roxas fights axel with both keyblades "YAY WILL WE BE SO OP?"
When battle starts after dealing a combo "gee it's nothing like we expected it to be"
When fighting roxas using sora "WHY DIDN'T WE USE THAT ROXAS"


IN KH3 Roxas makes a comeback "player have nothing to do in saix fight"
Player thinks "do I even have to do anything? Why didn't they just let sora be the support and let me play with roxas"

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i would like if its luxu we fought but what would even be better is if it takes place at Shibuya and you fight MOM cause he test you for having a keyblade of course

and thats when we get a nice peak to his theme

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