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You know there’s one scene in Homecoming that kind of embodies my problem with MCU Spider-Man.

It’s the scene where he stops those robbers hearing the Avengers mask.

During the hassle a sandwich shop across the street from the bank gets blasted the mega weapons the robbers were carrying, while trying to hit Spider-Man.

My problem with that is nothing really happens.

The owner and his cat turn out fine, the building is damaged and then Peter pretty much says sorry and goes on with his life.

What makes Spider-Man an interesting character, what makes Peter Parker an interesting characters is that the world pretty much always screws him over, whether he does the right thing or not. Especially when he tries doing it his way. Things always blow up In his face.

Life is hard, unforgiving, for Peter Parker. But he still tries to do the right thing even if it means he gets hurt.

The closest thing we get to that in homecoming, is him giving back the Stark suit. (Which he gets back.) and him having to ditch his homecoming date.

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