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here's something you can do. put an overwrite stained glass medal (7, 8, or 9) in the first slot of darkgnaw followed by your buffer (preferably xion), then put about 3 reverse power medals (whichever ones are your strongest), at least one of which needs to affect the counters (dw roxas does 6 hits, for example). put a copy medal with extra attack on the pet slot (angelic amber or demyx are good), then find a friend who's sharing kh3 xemnas

the idea is to activate xemnas' 280% guilt boost at the beginning of your turn, then go through your setup and force the counters on the hammer to 0 by the time you get to xemnas. you'll carry over the reverse str boosts and the 280% guilt boost, then your stained glass will reset the defender's counter to keep you from dying right away, and you can repeat the process again. ideally you'll have enough str boosts from xemnas to kill both enemies by your 3rd turn

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I think it's just the SN that would heal it/get absorbed. The ignoring attribute feature works for alignment as well for some reason.

The Special bypasses the absorption and reflect.

Imagine if they patched that.

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