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Thank you for taking this journey with me

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Oh God, I didn't even know that you were gone! I still assumed that you came online here every now and then! D:

Dang, this is crazy! I've known you for such a long time, man, and I remember you coming to me with the idea of your Kingdom Hearts Story Saga! I remember how much I loved your concept, and then when you started writing it, I immediately fell in love with it! And I'm very happy to have followed your journey to the very end, and I'm happy to have been a part of the process with the drawings! :3

All in all man, it's been awesome getting to know you. And well, I can understand that life comes and changes things, as I know very well, since I'm dealing with all that change as well. I wish you the very best, man. So if you're looking at this right now, I hope you know that I cherish our friendship, and know that I'm rooting for you to reach for the stars and beyond! You've got this! It's been an honor, my friend, and God bless you! May your heart be your guiding key! :D

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