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Power Jusho

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded - Full Cinematics & Secret Ending

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I would prefere to wait until the HD remix is out in Ireland but I couldn't resist having quick out f context sneak peaks at the footage. 


I really, really quite enjoy how all the Disney World's content takes up the first half of the game and that they' fully voiced. I think it's amazing this cutscene compilation is a lot more concise and better connected for having the gorgeously animated battle sequences. 


I really liked the original 358/2 Days DS game and I adored the cutscene compilation in last years 1.5 HD remix. Although I did feel it was lacking, however I really seriously appreciate the fact SE appear to of addressed those issues with the new re:coded cutscene compilation. You I was never that interested in the re:coded, I played it a bit but I couldn't click with it. The most enjoyment I derived from it was the half hour worth of cutscenes in it.

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While it really disappoints me that the battles besides Sora v Riku II, Jafar and maybe Cloud v Hercules are anything resembling something cinematic, it was more enjoyable than the Days cutscenes. They really put a lot in the characters' expressions and stuff. 


Though, then again, the reason why the battle cutscenes were short was probably because they were meant to anchor the actual boss fights. ....but still. agggh.

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