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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III.
  1. Hopefully it'll be someone good. Scott Glenn has a good voice for it, but I dunno if he's done any character voice work or dubbing before. Jim Cummings would be good. If it were 8 years ago, Christopher Lloyd would've been great, but he's way too old now.
  2. She has a couple of weird lines in that scene, but those are directing issues. Her voice suits Kairi a bit more than Hayden does right now. Hayden's voice is just too deep. Alyson Stoner has gotten leagues better ever since Young Justice.
  3. Master of Masters kinda sounds like Josh Keaton to me.
  4. The only time Holland felt like Aqua was in the Final Mix extra stuff. It gave me hope she got better. But, this was....like....a step backwards to where she was again. She's not emoting enough and she's speaking way too close to the mic, too. Her mic peaked, too.
  5. He's pretty bottom of the barrel as far as overly compotent, but naive main characters go. It doesn't help that he doesn't get much compared to the other characters, despite being around the most. He has his moments though.
  6. She probably is coming back. I am optimistic though. She seems to have improved some in the secret ending to BBS FM. Hopefully, she'll keep it up.
  7. That's...actually archive audio. Hamill's voice is far too old and scratchy at this point to do younger voices, even with modulation. And, if they could do modulation, they could've done it a long time ago (with Osment). And, yeah, it does sound like Drake Bell. It could be Justin Cowden (Hayner), too.
  8. In terms of character arc, Roxas and Riku and beautifully imperfect, and their development is one of the shining bits of this nonsensical story. Aqua is my favorite though. I also like how proactive Data Sora is compared to normal Sora.
  9. Christopher Lloyd would be fantastic. But, if they went with a voice actor, I'd be fine with Frank Welker...or even Jim Cummings. His evil voices are fantastic.
  10. This one hits hard. He was one of the voices that was all over my childhood, specifically Dr. Eggman. I loved his performances in Dragon Ball, Lupin III, One Piece and various others. He will be sorely missed. Condolences to Akio Otsuka and his family.
  11. Symphony of Sorcery. No contest. A lot of love went into the world, right down to the sound design. It was simply fantastic.
  12. KH1 + The Best Usage of Disney + Felt more like a Disney movie + Billy Zane as Ansem - Aged a little - Camera, good god the camera - Gummi Ship missions were a chore CoM/Re:CoM + The story is my favorite in the series - The gameplay is terrible. KHII + Fun gameplay. + Tons of stuff to do (and even MORE in Final Mix) + The Gummi Ship missions were AWESOME - The story was very barebones - The three hour tutorial Days + Pretty decent character development - The gameplay was really tedious - The twist with Xion. Yeah, I'm still mixed with it. Blargh. BBS + The best protagonists in the series + Story was fun, despite being kind of stupid + Third best usage of Disney + Music - Ventus is used as a plot tool at the end and it just...doesn't work - Because they wanted to keep the Fate of the Unknown cutscene, Terra's development kinda gets thrown out the window. - Terra and Aqua's voice acting Re:coded + Fun gameplay + Best characterization of Sora + The ending with Roxas - Yeah, it's pretty filler - The dub of the movie was terrible. 3D + Really fun, strategic gameplay + The world's designs are creative + You are rewarded for exploration + FANTASIA + The music - Flowmotion makes things a little too easy at times - Retcons! RETCONS EVERYWHERE - Game can be unbalanced in difficulty - Haley Joel Osment's voice acting
  13. I'm glad that they did it, but I can't play them because I don't have a PS3, so.... : /
  14. That it won't be conclusive. EDIT: Also that the English dub will be as bad as Re:coded. BBS and 3D weren't spectacular either, but Re:coded....HOOOOOOOOO boy..... : |
  15. They should have spent more time with the script so that the pauses doesn't sound awkward. It takes effort, but it's not impossible. : / For example....they should never ever end in the word "that". ....just....yeah. It's never a good place to pause. The rhythm of the line just grinds to a halt. : / ...but they probably don't have enough time to perfect the script. =_=
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