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Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories

    Original release date: 11/11/2004

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories is a sequel to Kingdom Hearts, released on the Game Boy Advance in Japan (November 11, 2004), North America (December 7, 2004), Australia (January 13, 2005) and Europe (May 6, 2005). It was later remade on the PlayStation 2 as Kingdom Hearts Re:Chain of Memories. 

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    • By Vèńťúş_wíņđ_⅔
      I just beat this game after procrastinating for like 3 years. and i loved it so I started playing Sora's story and I last left off at the Destiny islands repliku boss fight and after rearranging my cards and finding a new strategy I beat him. And the rest of the story was a cake walk. Now riku's story is a little different from Sora's as you know. 1. You can't add cards, it is a fixed deck. 2. You can only heal with king Mickey cards.  3. Riku had a dark mode that you can receive by breaking enough of the enemy's cards. So the gameplay is different between the two campaigns but it is super fun and enjoyable. I do prefer this to the ps2 version.

    • By keybladeblue6
      I've noticed that there is a lot of hate from the KH community in regards to the card gameplay in both versions of chain of memories. However the purpose of this thread is different. 

      I want all you to list and explain all the positive details about COM's gameplay in order to show how genius it really is.
    • By SnowPint7Fourths
      Hi guys, I accidentally pressed 'Continue' on Riku's Re:Com story for the silver trophy. If I restart the PS4 without saving my file will the continue not register so I can still obtain it? Or do I have to start from the beginning now?
      Also I'm looking forward to Big Hero 6 footage next month.
    • By Ligero_miguel
      Hi there!

      I'm 13th Vessel, some of you may remember me for some stuff that I found in the past, like the weird rooms in KH3D or the Jungle Book colission file that was inside that same game.

      This time I wanted to do my research with KH2 and surprisingly I found a lot of unused stuff that was hidden inside the game files. This is a dense research that covers almost every file of the game and it's very interesting because it's strongly tied to Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories, so please take a look if you like

      This video took me a lot of hours, not only the research itself but the video editing too (+15 hours doing the research and +20 making the video). Also, while I was doing the research I noticed that some part of the stuff was previously found by other friends of the KH hacking community, but the thing is that most people ignore it, so I added some names in order to let you know if someone found any of these before.

      I consider this one of my most ambitious works so I hope you enjoy the video!


        Lots of regards!

      13th Vessel~

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