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    I sat and thought about this for a while, but I'm not sure if it meeeans anything... It certainly looks cool, though. So, you might've seen this already, but the official khux account just put out this statement on Twitter: "With a heavy heart" makes it sound like this was sooner than they expected... It's definitely sooner than I thought it'd be. I thought we'd have khux for at least the rest of the year. I'm shocked that they're already going to end khdr so shortly afterwards, too. That's........ I really have no words. I knew it wouldn't last, but it feels like it just got started. I don't know what's going to happen. I wonder if this is what it felt like when the players of Agito found out that the game was going to end before it was even close to reaching its proper ending. I know that Nomura said that the ending of khux had already been written long in advance... But I see an opportunity for some parallels here, I'm just saying. lol But yeah......... It's hard to imagine that the story of khdr will be complete. For the offline version, the announcement says "Story will be unlocked up to the ending", but I'm concerned that it'll be something rushed. I've mostly been ignoring playing khdr so far, so the offline mode will give me something to look forward to, but I'm kinda skeptical. What are you expecting most from the khux ending? Personally, I'm looking forward to finding out what's under the MoM's table. lol
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    Tribute Vids

    Which trio is your favorite?

    I like Sora , Kairi , and Riku as a trio because they are from the first game , and the first that we see , always been my favorite since the beginning of my love for kingdom hearts , their connection stretches through all the games and I personally think it's the strongest , how Sora feels for Kairi and how Riku is always searching for them , cause they are special to him , I'd like to see them all be together all of the time!
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