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    As in Riku and Kairi taking over asSora’s main party members instead of Donald and Goofy because I think it’s high time we got more of them together as a trio for the sake of interaction, development and seeing the original three (humans) together. Something KH III refused to give us.
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    Sora's new look

    https://www.creativebloq.com/news/kingdom-hearts-4 So many people are bashing it! Why!? This has been a dream of mine to see KH in these types of graphics! Also, I doubt it's permanent. Sora's look changes to fit whatever world he's in. In the trailer, he's in the "real world", so it makes sense he looks like that. People complain about everything, I swear. I feel bad for Nomura because he was probably so excited to put this trailer out thinking fans seeing Sora like this would excite them, and they're bashing him and his storyline again. It just annoys me. I love Sora's look, and I'm excited for this new adventure/story! These bashing articles are ridiculous.
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    Soul Eater Evans

    Sora's new look

    Sora's new outfit is perfect to me! I can't get enough of it, it's so cool. The flatter hair, the cuffs with open hands/palms, the more realistic take on the KH3 jacket. I'd buy the play arts kai of it instantly. If anything, I kinda want to see what it'd look like with the disney kh3 world filters as well.
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