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  1. Sora's new outfit is perfect to me! I can't get enough of it, it's so cool. The flatter hair, the cuffs with open hands/palms, the more realistic take on the KH3 jacket. I'd buy the play arts kai of it instantly. If anything, I kinda want to see what it'd look like with the disney kh3 world filters as well.
  2. Aaaaaaa I hope we get to see the people of Quadratum watching KH3 trailers like how Sora watched the Verum Rex one
  3. Kairi is the one I'm looking forward to the most, my heart won't be able to take it
  4. Joined in 2010, I'm soooo excited for KH4 Sora's new look is everything I could ever ask for
  5. I'm really looking forward to these! Roxas and Xion have been on my wishlist since Days came out. I want to pose them playing the game together, it'll be really cute.
  6. I'll just edit every single one of these posts if I cant delete my own posts
  7. It sounds like a fun, long term RP.
  8. Celebrating another birthday of a user from this site
  9. A thread celebrating IwasBornAsVentus being born as Ventus on the day he was born.
  10. Glancing at the crowd behind a curtain with shy eyes, the young performer sighed softly. The only person on his mind right now was Raven and he desired to see her as soon as possible. Knowing that some time had passed after the previous performance, he was sure that the crowd and their ringleader were growing impatient with his absence. With Emily and Wordsworth wrapped around his arms, they nuzzled softly against his skin, encouraging him to go on. Taking a deep breath as he closed his eyes, Snake opened them with the familiar, collected expression he always wore. The spotlight focused on him now, the current star of the show as he walked toward a ladder in the center of the stage. After barely a few seconds, he found himself standing at a height that made the audience tilt their heads, a single rope connecting the plank he stood on with the one adjacent to him. The audience stared at him inquisitively, wondering how a simple tightrope walker could keep up with the previous grandiose wonders of fire. Instead, Snake would have to appeal to something else in those humans. His frail, emaciated figure was revealed as he took of his coat and flung it into the air, proving the lack of safety nets as he took his first few steps onto the rope. He shifted his body's weight to the wire, holding Oscar in his arms in the same way a person would hold a pole while a few of his snakes wrapped around his arms and neck. Every step made the audience inch closer to the edge of their chair as Snake stretched his arms out to his side, swaying lightly with a deliberated stride which seemed like he could fall off at any second. It's time to begin the show, Wilde hissed before tugging Snake to the right, pulling him off his balance. He didn't have time to listen to the audience gasp in surprise as Emily and Oscar clung to the wire, wrapping themselves around his arms to stop his fall. Yet even that wasn't enough to support him, their grip sliding from his grasp until he was in midair once again, eliciting another gasp from the spectators as Wordsworth and Goethe served as the connector this time. Snake managed to regain his balance, pressing his feet firmly against the wire as he held onto the his friends, with one small difference. The man stood from the underside of the rope, continuing his gravity defying stride with fluid movements as if he had been possessed. With deft fingers, he reached out towards another pair of snakes, lunging his body forward before twisting his body midair, managing to grab onto them at the very last second. Eventually, his whole body was included in the performance, slithering gracefully through the air as his snakes provided support for his ankles as well between every leap. The more intricate moves he added, the more he simply appeared to be a large, white snake, gliding majestically around the rope without actually touching it. The exhibition stirred a feeling of unease in the viewers, yet they couldn't help but be mesmerized, staring at him with widened eyes, never daring to miss a second. It took a few seconds for the realization to set in that he had finally reached the second plank, standing tall before giving a bow, his snakes following suit. He had originally created the aerial display as a tribute to Raven, but now he dedicated solely to her, hoping to cover for her absence. Not bothering to spend any more time away from his wounded friend, he slid down the ladder before hurrying to the exit of the tent, uninterested in the applause he later received.
  11. "Noted." That was the only word Veran replied before sprinting into the forest after Wulfric into the lush forest. Trees and roots camouflaged with the terrain, almost threatening to pull the pair off their feet, yet the butler not only avoided them, he did so with a certain grace in his movements. Yet the moon itself offered illumination where it could, marks on the ground visible from previously fought battles and paths trod during the chaos. A sharp wind was left in the path he traveled, Veran continuing to follow their guide at a devilishly brisk pace while gripping his master comfortably, keeping her safe from any debris. He amused himself with the thought that from another person's perspective, they might have a good team, yet he dismissed the idea just as easily, finding it incredulous for the two of them to be compared.
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