Funko Kingdom Hearts t-shirts now available at Hot Topic; original retail price from $20.90 USD


You can now purchase Kingdom Hearts Funko t-shirts at Hot Topic that come with two new designs featuring Kingdom Hearts Funko Pop! Vinyl characters! The shirts are originally priced between $20.90 USD to $24.90 USD. However, you can buy them now for $10.00 USD each during the current Black Friday sale!


You can view pictures of the Kingdom Hearts Group Pop! t-shirt below. You can order it here.



You can view pictures of the Kingdom Hearts Comic Pop! t-shirt below. You can order it here.



The Sora, Riku, Kairi Funko Pop! Vinyl figures have also released today at Hot Topic and other retailers.


Funko has released other Kingdom Hearts products previously, including a Shadow Funko Pop! Vinyl, a Halloween Town Sora plushie, Halloween Town Donald and Goofy Pop! Vinyls, a Halloween Town Sora Pop! Vinyl, Kingdom Hearts Pocket Pop! keychains, Mickey, Donald, and Goofy plushies, and a Pete Pop! Vinyl.


Funko also has many other Kingdom Hearts releases planned, including an Organization XIII Mickey Pop! Vinyl, a Final Form Sora pop! Vinyl, and Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis.


Let us know if you'll be purchasing any of these shirts!

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