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Kingdom Hearts Funko Mystery Minis figurines have been revealed; releasing December 2017


On Instagram, @funkofinderz has posted an abundance of photos of different Funko brand figures that have been revealed at Funko Fundays 2017. Among these photos, are a couple photos of Kingdom Hearts vinyl figurines under the Funko line "Mystery Minis." These figurines include Sora, Sora (Halloween Town outfit), Sora (Space Paranoids outfit), Riku, Riku (black coat), Kairi, Roxas, Roxas (black coat), Axel, Mickey Mouse, Mickey Mouse (black coat), Donald Duck, Donald Duck (Halloween Town outfit), Donald Duck (Space Paranoids outfit), Goofy, Goofy (Halloween Town outfit), Goofy (Space Paranoids outfit), Chip & Dale, Pete, a Soldier Heartless, and a Large Body Heartless.


Check out the photos in the gallery below:



This is the first time Kingdom Hearts has appeared in Funko's "Mystery Minis" line of figurines. Previously, Kingdom Hearts has been a part of the Funko Pop! Vinyl line of figures, but only Disney characters from the series have been featured. This is first time Kingdom Hearts original characters, such as Sora and Riku, would be featured as Funko figures or figurines.


UPDATE 1: Disney Dan has confirmed this to be, in fact, true! Also, view another photo of the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis at the Funko Fundays 2017 event, provided by Disney Dan.


Thanks to KHInsider for the tip!


UPDATE 2: Instagram user @sw_up_wir20 has revealed that the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis will be available this coming winter!


UPDATE 3: Funko has revealed that the Kingdom Hearts Mystery Minis will be available in December! The Pete, Large Body Heartless, and Soldier Heartless figurines will be exclusive to GameStop, the Space Paranoids (Tron) Goofy, Space Paranoids (Tron) Donald, and Space Paranoids (Tron) Sora figurines will be exclusive to Toys "R" Us, and the Halloween Town Goofy, Halloween Town Donald, and Halloween Town Sora figurines will be exclusive to Hot Topic.

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Thanks for informing us of this, Elfdemon! :D


Wow, look at all those Kingdom Hearts Funko Pops! I'm really happy that so much Kingdom Hearts merch is being prepared for the masses! It'll definitely boost popularity for the series and get people interested in playing the games! :D

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