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Kingdom Hearts Two Become One, Bond of Flame & χ-blade Keychain Pre-Orders Available


Square Enix has listed three new Kingdom Hearts keychains for pre-order on their Japanese storefront; Two Become One, Bond of Flame, and the χ-blade. Each costs ¥2,090 (tax included), with September 9th, 2023, shipments. 

We'll update this article if the products become available via other Square Enix store branches and/or Aitai Kuji.

You can view the new keychains via our galleries below:


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I like that they're playing around with new colors with the Bond of Flame keychain. I feel like it'd look too plain without it, so definitely a good call on their part.

I'm still on the fence about the No Name keychain that released a while back. I have the Fenrir and the quality of the keyblade itself is superb but the chain broke on me relatively quickly. Been skeptical of buying another ever since. That was years ago though, has anyone else had good experiences with these keychains lately?


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Hope that two become one keychain is made available. Really like that one. Wish it had some black in it too but still pretty dope

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