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Part one of the two-part finale of Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] will be available for JP on Friday April 30th at 15:00 Japan time


The finale for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] has almost arrived. The KHUX JP Twitter account have tweeted that part one of the two part finale will be available for Japan players on Friday April 30th at 15:00 JP time (2:00 AM EDT/11:00 PM PDT). 

Kingdom Hearts Union χ[Cross] was originally going to shut down for Japan on April 30th, but has been delayed until June 14th as well as having the finale split into two parts. There hasn't been any announcements with the Global version as of yet past the planned May 30th date.

What do you prediction for the two part finale of Union χ[Cross]? Let us know in the comments below?


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Well, it's always been a Wednesday for my time zone, so it's actually finally a Thursday lol

And how come there's [been] no in-app notices for global?? They can't just *surprise* drop it. Right????

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I meant the date in Japan falling on Thursdays and Friday and how we get them later that day when the date changes for the West Coast.

They're set for 15:00, though, so it's not that much time before us (2:00 on the East Coast that day, and 23:00/an hour before midnight over West.

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