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BREAKING: KHUX JP Shutdown Postponed; Finale Will Be Divided Into Parts


Yep. You didn't misread this title. Just recently, the Japanese twitter of KHUX just posted a tweet revealing that not only is the game shut down date postponed past its end of April initial date, but also that the finale of KHUX will be divided into two parts.

Here's the original Tweet:

And here's the translated notice, courtesy of Roboloid:

Despite all this, it seems no new events are in the works, as raid battles and PvP also got extended, as they'll end on May 28th, and May 29th, respectively.

It is unknown yet when will those new story chapters come. All that was said is that they'll be "disclosed at a later date".

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I went *POP* when I saw this.

I seriously hope they release Part 1 on the 30th. PLEASE DON'T KEEP ME WAITING!!!!!!!!

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YES I GET MORE TIME!!! But i still will miss this game very much ??

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This is of no consequence to me since quest 970's difficulty is practically gatekeeping me from getting to the rest of the main story.

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