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[Updated] Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan offers Kingdom Hearts themed hotel room for a limited time


Disney announced that their Disney Ambassador Hotel in Japan will be promoting Kingdom Hearts III with a themed room based off the series for a limited time from March 26 to June 30!

Fans will be receiving a Kingdom Hearts special room key based off the Kingdom Key Keyblade, with a themed box upon check-in and are able to take it home with them after staying. The rooms will be 41 square meters large, with a choice between two regular beds and a trundle bed. Each room comes with two sets of original postcards with double-sided designs, making it a total of 4 cards. The price is ¥46,100 (approx. $427) a night and reservations start January 30.

A special menu will also become available closer to the reservation date. 

For further information about the rooms, including booking, visit the official Disney Hotels Japan website.

You can view pictures of the special Kingdom Hearts themed hotel room below.


You can read a translation of Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura's comment on the hotel rooms below.


UPDATE [Jan 24, 2019]: The special menu for the hotel room has been revealed, showing off several Kingdom Hearts themed food items for sale from March 26 to June 13 in the hotel lobby lounge and deli cafe. Anyone visiting the hotel can order from the menu, not just guests so they encourage it! The special food items will be listed below.

  • Kingdom Hearts Special Cake - ¥2,000
    A cake with Kingdom Hearts Dream Drop Distance visuals on top as it's motif. Has a chocolate mousses surrounded by sea salt jello.
  • Kingdom Hearts Special Drink - ¥1,300
    Hot milk tea mixed with white chocolate and raspberry syrup. It's topped with a crown design made of cocoa powder and comes with a heart shaped strawberry and original design coaster.
  • Kingdom Hearts Special Parfait - ¥1,000
    A parfait with nata de coco and aloe pulp are mixed together with flavored yogurt. It has an iced bar coated with sea salt syrup designed to look like a sea salt ice cream pop. 


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All I know is if I stayed there that table and lamp and sheets and everything would mysteriously disappear from that room that very day.



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12 hours ago, Dustin Lübbers said:

Ambassador lol. Disney really is planning on becoming its own nation one day is it?

The Federal Republic Empire of Disneyland. Coming soon.

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