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  1. I adore Aqua and Terra together. I really, really, really don't like Aqua and Ven as a couple- I don't know why, it just doesn't work for me. Because Aqua kind of mothers him, sort of- she takes care of him. It makes me uneasy to think of them making out, or something. But I love Aqua and Terra together. ^^
  2. She's a rag doll, isn't she? >> But I agree, a princess of heart shouldn't reside in Halloween Town. Via, too much darkness.
  3. Zack is Cloud's best friend, so I'm just gonna guess Cloud's gonna be in BBS, and maybe Aerith too, considering Zack and Aerith's relationship.
  4. I want to see all the younger Restoration members in BBS. Like tiny Leon, kiddie Yuffie (How old is she in KH? Fifteen?), Little Aerith, Chibi Cloud (If Zack's gonna be in this... Cloud should be, right?), Cid really wouldn't change much. He'd be like, twenty, right? If Barret showed up, Marlene would follow... and maybe Denzel would follow her. And maybe Moogle Girl would follow him! People who SHOULD be in KHIII: Vincent- found in Halloween Town Rinoa- found in Radiant Garden Lightning- found in Olympus Coliseum (You have to admit, fighting Lightning would be pretty freaking awesome) And I can't really think of anymore.
  5. There was a scene in the KHII Intro where Sora, Riku, and Kairi were holding hands on the beach, and then Sora fell through, and when the sand cleared he was Roxas. So.. it's happened. Maybe it's a metaphor?
  6. Yeah, I'm pretty sure what Kairi said was right. God, I need to finish this game... But my sister is playing it right now, so... I wish Demyx would stop being so freaking lazy and help me out... Yeah...
  7. Don't forget Braig has a pretty big part in it too! All six apprentices are going to be in it, I think.
  8. Whoa that's cool! ... I wonder if there's such thing as 'keyblade surfing'....
  9. VEXEN MORE DAYS! Whoa, whoa, whoa. That got me even more pumped. That settles that I'd WALK to Game Stop on Tuesday, if there wasn't any other way. Good thing I actually know how to get to it from my house... 7.9??? Meh, that's fair, I suppose... If your aren't a DIE HARD FAN OF THE SERIES! I want to hear more Xion, though. I can't really judge Alyson Stone by just a couple scenes. She barely talked... Well, Vexen more days. Just Vexen more days....
  10. Not really. There are a lot of characters like Tori, that looked like Xion before she was made. It's a common idea. Tetsuya just decided to make Xion look like that. Xion looks like Kairi KH1 style, with black hair, parted to the opposite side of her face. If Tori looked exactly like Kairi, like Xion did, than she'd of been a Mary Sue for sure. So, no. He did not steal your idea, I don't think. But, if you want to think he did, please go right ahead. But I'm pretty sure he didn't
  11. ... Naw Jesse is fine as Roxas. Poor Hayley though. I mean, five years, that's a long time to try and remember how your voice sounded way back when.
  12. Absolutely fine with it. We had a conversation about this at lunch once, and we were asking if people would still be our friends if we were bi, or homo. I said yes, of course. I have nothing against bi, or homo. Trans creeps me out a bit though... But It's their chose, so, it doesn't really matter much. Yeah, anyway, we got really mad at our friend Gabby, because she said no. And we just stared at her, really shocked. We pretty much shunned her for the next week. So, yeah. Nothing against it.
  13. Don't blame the claw machines! Blame they're creators! You're gonna hurt it's feelings!!!
  14. ... I thought that was Aqua... There was a close up of the shadow, and it looked more like Aqua (Em, the shadow was skinny, and well, it looked really feminine. I saw nothing that pointed to Terra except for the 'friends' part.). Heh...
  15. WHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT?! TWEWY MANGA?????? MUST GO FIND ON INTERNET! Seriously, seeing Shiki tell Neku to take his pants off in the manga would probably be TEN TIMES more funny! *Runs to go find manga*
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