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  1. There is a Data Bug Roxas!? Awesome, I didn't even know! [Goes to play Re:Coded some more.]
  2. Dream Drop Distance looks seriously epic, the graphics look just as good if not better than KH1's and KH2's graphics. This could be the best KH game yet!
  3. You can't remove chips, but you can replace them.
  4. Xemnas looks the same to me, but the bigger question is how are him and ''Ansem'' alive!?
  5. It takes place after Re:Coded, finally we are getting a game that's moving the story forward.
  6. I don't think it's dreams. I say it's either time travel or someone made their age reverse.
  7. This is seriously epic, too bad it probably won't be used.
  8. Looks like a mixture of the Heartless and Keyblade symbols, perhaps it's a new enemy?
  9. I am going to buy a 3DS at launch, now I'll just have to decide which launch game to buy with it. $250 is a reasonable price considering what the 3DS can do.
  10. I will pre-order BBS as soon as Square-Enix announces the release date. I also think the release date announcement will occur during June at the latest.
  11. Aqua, Aqua, Aqua! (My second choices would be Kairi, Namine, and Larxene, but Aqua is on the top!)
  12. So far, I have watched and like these anime series:Dragonball and Dragonball Z (Dragonball GT sucks), Bleach (except for the more recent filler arcs, thankfully they are going back to the magna based storyline in mid April), and Jubiel-chan (it is nothing spectacular, but it is good), and Cowboy Behop wasn't too bad. Still, DBZ and Bleach are my favorite anime series, and both series are the reason I got into anime in the first place.
  13. WOAH, where did Nomura said there was going to be an extra world in the Western version of BBS!? Nomura said there was going to be an extra boss, keyblade, cutscenes, and a Critical mode, but nothing about an extra world. Link for proof, or I refuse to believe it.
  14. I think Namine is no big mystery. Namine and Roxas were ''born'' when Sora stabbed himself with the keyblade in KH1. Roxas is Sora's Nobody, while Namine was Kairi's Nobody. Since Ventus's heart was in Sora's heart at the time, it is pretty obvious that Roxas looks just like Ven and possibly has Ven's heart while Namine's blonde hair might be based on Ven's hair. Now, where was it stated in the games that Namine was born in Castle Oblivion? I have a feeling that it was stated in the games, but I must have totally forgotten where. Still, I am wondering why she would be born in Castle Oblivion instead of Twilight Town. I'm sure Nomura knows a lot of unrevealed mysteries ...
  15. If this is true, then HECK YES!! Edit:Wait, this is April Fools, doh.
  16. This sounds cool, I'll buy it depending on if I like what I see when I see it at E3. If the 3DS has Gamecube graphics and an analouge stick I can guess that an AWESOME Kingdom Hearts game will be released on the 3DS in the distant future.
  17. @Topic Creator-Please quit using caps lock it is ANNOYING as heck. As for coded being released outside of the USA, I will gladly buy it as long as it is not released on one of the current gen consoles or handhelds. Unless Jiminy Cricket is going to appear in an extra cutscene in the Western version of BBS, this pretty much confirms coded will be released in NA in the future. If it is not released in North America, I am not going to be upset. Coded has the same worlds as KH1 and KH:COM, and the plot is nothing mind-blowing (I read the full story of coded). BBS looks so awesome, my mind is set on that game more than any upcoming KH game right now. If coded is released in North America, my guess is it will be released as a downloadable episodic PSP game. It's graphics are up to PSP standards, so the DS will be unable to handle it.
  18. I'm sure Square-Enix will announce the release date soon. Most of the time, companies announce their games at least two or three months before the game's release. I'm sure Square-Enix will announce BBS's exact release date during April-June, and certainly not during E3.
  19. Kingdom Hearts is not like Final Fantasy where each installment is independent from each other, the series is supposed to be one epic and big story. As for the series for continuing after KH3, bring it on!! I'm curious to what other villians will come after Xehanort also. But, what pleases me the most is there is going to be three NEW installments coming a lot sooner than I thought [at least two of them] AND BBS is coming out this summer. I am one HAPPY KH fan. Goes to play 358/2 Days in celebration.
  20. Yes, Auqa should be with ''Zack'', but not that ''Zack''. But, she should be with another ''Zack'' [me], since my real name is Zack. In other words, Aqua is MINE!
  21. Coded has the WORST ending in Kingdom Hearts history EVER. It answered no questions except what happened to Malificent and Pete after KHII and possibly why King Mickey send Sora the mysterious letter in KHII. There either needs to be more episodes of coded, or a new KH game that answers more questions than coded did.
  22. I think that scene with Sora is part of the secret ending. Anyway, I think Ansem the Wise is referring to Sora, and it might be hinting on Sora's role in the future of the Kingdom Hearts series after Kingdom Hearts coded.
  23. Another Master Xehanort theroy? Don't you guys think we should have one topic for all the Master Xehanort theroies? Anyway, Nobodies and Heartless do not even exist in BBS, only Unversed. Personally, I think Xehanort does not want to be young again [in the trailers, he has a LOT OF POWER for ''an old man]. I think he is evil, and wants Kingdom Hearts to gain ultimate power [like the Xehanort we know in in KHI and KHII did].
  24. Since Birth by Sleep will be released sometime in North America in 2010 [hopefully], I decided to make this thread now. If this topic has been made before, please lock it and redirect me to that thread. Anyway, in which order will you be playing Terra's, Aqua's, and Ven's scenarios in Birth by Sleep? I was thinking either playing them in this order:Aqua, Ven, and Terra. But, when Noruma said that Terra's, Ven's, and Aqua's scenarios go in this order storyline-wise, I wonder if the storyline will be harder to understand if you play the characters' scenarios out of that order? The reason I wanted to play Aqua first, is because it would be intresting to play as a female in the Kingdom Hearts series with a storyline to it, and because she is hot [to me]. I wanted to play Ven second because he resembles Sora [and I want to find out what his connection to Sora is], and he looks like a badass character. Terra does not intrest me nearly as much as Aqua or Ven, I don't know why. Post your thoughts here.
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