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  1. I wanna be Larxene~ Please ? <3
  2. Ooooh! I wanna join. Name: Elena. Age: 14. Eye Colour: Dark. Hair Colour: Black Hair: Just longer than shoulder-length, jagged fringe, straight Element: Darkness Abilities: (um, whats this roleplay about ? i'll decide then) Weapons: (um, whats this roleplay about ? i'll decide then) Personality: Pesimistic, Emo, Quiet, Stubborn Hehe I've never been someone like her before ! What else d'ya wanna know ? And whats YOUR character profile ?
  3. emzikayy.

    1 year.

    Whoa O.O YAYS Well done to DC and Aaron and the Mods, we all owe you all the cookies, cake and ice-cream in the WORLD for your greatness
  4. emzikayy.

    I'm back!

    I agree w/ Cella so unless you have some super speedy superpower or a different version of 358 (both ideas of which are probably not true) I thinks you lie.
  5. I have a kitten called Axel He's ginger, my special ginger ninja HAHA!! O.O
  6. Whats funny? Well i'll tell you. In the Japanese version it sounds fine, not funny, really sad. But in the English version he says "Who will I eat Ice-Cream with ?" and he sounds weird when he says it, watch it and you'll get it but your right, losing a friend is horrible.
  7. Same with Kushi, I always said 'Zion' which is WAYYY better than 'Shee-on' because have you noticed that the English voice actors always sound weird when they say Xion ?
  8. Has anyone here NOT played Spyro the Dragon ? Im sorry but honestly, you have not lived life untill you have played it ... oh i forgot to say i also play Harry Potter OotP, sometimes Bratz games (only cuz I can beat my sister at it and it pisses her off ), Tony Hawk and Spongebob Squarepants (hehe)
  9. Xion saves the day with her fort ! Is it just Coded in danger or is it the WORLD ?
  10. Can do Boss .. I mean Coded So does this whole Xion and BBS thing make complete sense to anyone ? or is Mr. Tetsuya Nomura, the bossman of KH being mean and not telling us something ? o.o
  11. I feel your pain Crimson, but I'm not a Roxas x Xion OR AkuRoku .. I dont think Xion should be paired up with ANYONE because she ends up dying so early which caused my Roxipoo to be in pain and made him cry *cries with Roxas* but y'see i LOVE Axel so I can't imagine him being with anyone other than me but I think it's unfair Roxas first gets paired up with Namine then Xion and Axel is ALONE so AkuRoku FTW when Xion's around -shot- Does that make sense ?
  12. o.o i take back what i said, what CodedbyDays said is WAY more less-complicated and probable. still ... the blondie (me) is confuzzled :
  13. I hated the Deep Jungle .. imma noob at KH and it took me FOREVER to pass -dies-
  14. o.o WTF ! Xion turns into Ventus, but 358/2 Days is in between Chain of Memories and KH2 and BBS is like 10 years before KH ? Im confused. Well maybe Roxas and Ventus are connected somehow and since Roxas and Xion are connected Xion had one of her weird confusion things where she turns into other people and turns into Ventus. Or maybe it was a dream or hallucination ? none of that makes sense so im stumped v.v
  15. Character info: Name: Alexis Age: 15 Hair Style: shoulder length, straight with side fringe Hair Color: white blonde with black highlights Appearence (clothes, armor etc.) Organization Cloak on missions but white fur hoodie, black and gray t-shirt and blue skinny jeans with highlighter Gallaz as my shoes Weapon of Choice: Oathkeeper Element: Ice (is it too late to join ? )
  16. Me is in full agreement (Senkotsu - you iz smart ) Poor Roxy T.T
  17. uhh .. i don't remember ^-^ .. maybe the Piglets Big Movie [Pooh Bear] ? D'ya think theres gonna be a KH movie ? Sorry - offtopic .. Just popped into my head. No actually I think my first movie might've been Monsters Inc. ? Or Shrek ? ^_^ <333 hehe gotta love em' golden oldie movies ;p how abowt everyone else ?
  18. Oh your a smart little cookie *showers XIII w/ cookies and caaake* But then who is Namine going to absorb into ? DiZ ? Riku ? King Mickey ?
  19. Okay, well ... I have no idea but my guesses ARE: 1. Missing Ache must be a pretty cool/powerful/famous/special keyblade ? 2. Sorry, I have NO IDEA what they are T.T Sorry I can't help at all ! I dont even know what the point in posting to this is -dies-
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