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  1. Would just like to correct your last statement and change it to, "You're dumb." There we go. Now you can present it to your English teacher without being raved at about grammar.
  2. I will pray for her tonight. Best of wishes on the healing process.
  3. Am I falling out of this chair?
  4. I don't know how many others have heard about the Playstation Move... but it gets my brain racking. A year or two a go, me and a friend of mine were talking about how awesome if there was a wii-like Kingdom Hearts game where we could actually control the way Sora fights.. and well... it looks like our idea may come true with KH3 possibly.
  5. Yeah, a Square Enix fighting game would be awesome... counter-parts from seperate games would be awesome, like Neku vs. Sora (they seem so alike to me, except in personality)
  6. There are 3,663,427 people in the U.S. with the first name _____. Statistically the 7th most popular first name. There are 1,758,769 people in the U.S. with the last name ______. Statistically the 3rd most popular last name. There are 20,833 people in the U.S. named _______________. Yeah... my name isn't very original. My parents weren't very creative. You can probably guess my name with these statistics.
  7. >_> Me and Brixta so want a KH themed area in Disney! It would be nice if they at least had a couple of KH themed shops... maybe a ride... just something!!!
  8. Or the spontaneous growth of various limbs from various parts of your bodies. Also, that turtle taught me nothing. I believe the turtle was the worst example to use ever... it wouldn't notice an explosion until after it hit.
  9. Lols, pretty funny, keep it up.
  10. Here's one we will all find more interesting and educational.
  11. I've always been told to stand up straight, put my head between my legs, and kiss my butt goodbye.
  12. Damn you saix. I gotta say getting a 200 combo on the ball thing. Chyeah, im addicted. I got over 200 BEAT THAT! >8D /shot Got over 9000, beat that /shot/shot/shot
  13. Ven: "Sneak past the boss... sneak past the boss... sneak pass the- crap..."
  14. Ven was so excited when he got VIP access to Disneyland, he just couldn't hide his excitement.
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