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  1. Sora is totally gay for Riku. :-p [/fangirl mode] Both Sora & Riku liked Kairi, it's obvious, unfortunately.
  2. Hooray! Happy birthday Quinton Flynn! C: Yeah, but I'm almost sure that he'll do role as Raiden again. MGS cast without Quinton isn't the same. :33
  3. I kinda don't like Sora. He annoys me. :-p
  4. BBS; secret ending. KH1; Sora vs. Riku at HB. KHCoM; the ending. ;o; KHDays; "No one would miss me." "That's not true!... I would." ;O; KH2; Sora vs. Roxas. (extra; the scene in Twilight Town after you beat Roxas, in FM)
  5. Thank you! I love these Riku's sprites. <3
  6. The opening, for some reason, makes me think that Namine is the main character. I'm so in love with the opening! <33
  7. I'd get really mad if they change Sora's VA; I'm used with HJO. D: it would suck.
  8. "and Xemnas loves Xemnas." ROFLMAO This question gets me once. It's still without a good answer. D:
  9. This game is kinda boring, but I like it anyways. I played it only in japanese version. Wish I had pacience to play again in english, me needs to understand it better. D:
  10. I can't see a reason for it. Well, I have a PS2 haha so I wouldn't need a PSP version. :-p
  11. I always though it was a reflection of Roxas anyway... nice to see I wasn't wrong. :-p
  12. He has style! LOL I always thought what Riku & Org. XIII use underneath the black coat.
  13. Marluxia is the lord of C.O. because he pwns. :] Ok, I don't think Luxord makes more sense being the lord just because his weapons are cards. (yet, he controls time.)
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