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  1. change isnt a bad thing. he might surprise everybody. this world is already going downhill. what it would really need is a global revolution.
  2. cecil , cloud, lightning and noctis (who is probably gonna be my new fav)
  3. You don't need Netflix for Netflix & chill tho.... If you know what I mean
  4. "Sacred powers, cast your purifying light upon these corrupt souls, rest in peace sinners! JUDGEMENT!" Every tales player should know who said this..
  5. I want rikus new costume and hopefully they announce that it will be possible to play as other characters or at least Riku and kairi plssssss!!
  6. It has sold more copies tho, thus making it at least statistically the "better" game. I played all of em and I still think ff7 is superior to all the others. With X being the 2nd best followed by 6,9,4 and 8. Also I don't remember ff8 having any other game/movie associated with it while there are numerous ff7-connected games and even a movie. Not to mention they even decided to finally remake it for ps4 because it's just THAT popular. There's a reason why kh 1 and 2 got sephiroth as a secret boss and not ultimecia ^^
  7. Now that the ff7remake was announced I more excited for that than for ff15^^ But I actually hope they change the battle system to be more real-time-ish... Kinda like crisis core or ff15 would be awesome!!! Yes I hate roundbased battle systems in case you were wondering
  8. I remember tabata(?) saying something g along the lines "we are considering type-1 if type-0 hd does well" Type-0 hd didn't really do that well even tho it's a great game imo.
  9. Well, I guess you learn from it. But you still should notice other good things in your life
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