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  1. When Sora first visited Yen Sid's tower he went through Twilight Town. Maybe they did that again?
  2. Yes, I really hope it's Roxas. Although I have my doubts, and while I'm 99% sure Roxas will become his own person at some point in the game, unfortunately, I'm not so sure that he'll be one of the 7. I think Kairi has a better chance, and I'd rather it be her than Lea, for the reasons you've stated above. But even though it probably won't be, I mostly want it to be Roxas. Agh, why did they have to limit it at 7?! Why can't they all just fight the bad guys?!
  3. Isn't it a really old game? If they were going to localize it, they should have done it AGES ago.
  4. I do like Pikachu, but I prefer my handhelds to be regular-sized.
  5. No, unfortunately. I don't see why they didn't just include it when you play through the ending again, since you can rebattle Xemnas, YMX and armored Ventus nightmare, but they just didn't.
  6. I think it's hinting at KH3 and possibly at an HD remake as well.
  7. The USB plugs into your PS3 so that you can charge the controller when it gets low on battery. You only need to plug it in to charge it. But maybe you would be better off getting an actual PS3 controller, I don't know how good the 3rd-party ones are.
  8. They should release Pandora's Tower in NA. They've already translated it. And it was part of Operation Rainfall.
  9. Really? I've heard two weeks. A few days sounds a lot better.
  10. It's such a badass looking keyblade. And then you look at the keychain.....And it's a butterfly.
  11. Did some people actually not beat him until they beat the game? Lol I just battled him as I played through the game, he's kind of hard to miss. And not really a secret. But after you beat him, you get the recipe to make him.
  12. Swap magic? I'm sure it would be cheaper to buy that than an entire 3DS though. But that makes more sense, since you have a PS2. Why would someone buy 3D if they don't have a 3DS?
  13. Picking, not scratching, there's a difference. Wearing long sleeves could help with picking under my arms, but I can't think of anything for under my nails. There's always gloves, I suppose. The rewarding myself thing is a good idea. Might give it a try. Well apparently picking at yourself/pulling hair out is actually a condition. http://www.trich.org/dnld/HelpYourself.pdf This gave some good suggestions for ways to stop. Distracting my hands by playing with putty, putting on hand cream so my hands are too slippery to pick at myself. Hopefully I can finally put a stop to this!
  14. No, not a terrible live-action M. Night Shyamalan movie. Paramount Animation is looking into making films of animated properties including The Legend of Korra, Dora the Explorer and Monkey Quest. Now I doubt anyone here cares about the last two, but what do you think about a LoK movie? I think that as long as the show's creators have a part in making and animating it, and the plot stays separate from the TV series (maybe it could take place between Books 1 and 2 of the show, where there's a 6 month gap), it would be pretty cool. Source: http://m.ca.ign.com/articles/2012/08/17/the-legend-of-korra-the-movie
  15. Just started playing it again, never gotten to the end though. The bosses are tough. My brother and I always compare the game to Star Wars (the original trilogy) and after searching the Internet I found out we weren't the only ones! Anyone else notice the similarities?
  16. Okay, so this is the first time I've talked about it to anyone other than family, but I have some bad habits of picking at myself. I don't know when they started, but I just can't stop. I've picked at my acne, under my fingernails, my underarms, my eyebrows and sometimes my belly button. The worst is the eyebrows, now they look so weird and misshapen and I draw them back in using makeup but it just doesn't look real. And it makes me feel so embarrassed but I know that it's my own fault and I've just done it to myself. My parents have told me countless times to stop, and I've tried to tell myself countless times, but I just can't. Does anyone have any tips on how to stop? I just can't keep doing this to myself...
  17. I wish they would sell KH merchandise at stores like Wal-Mart. It's unfair that KH stuff (other than games) is only sold in specialty stores, and usually at a high price.
  18. I will be super duper happy if KH3 has flowmotion, drives, reaction commands, commands and command styles. The best of all KH battle systems!
  19. Yeah, I kind of agree with this. BBS and DDD just seemed to overcomplicate things. And the whole time travel thing. No! Why did they have to include time travel?! I wouldn't be surprised if Nomura makes it so in KH IV Xehanort returns from the past.
  20. Why did Marvel give away the rights to do many of their characters anyway?
  21. Yeah, I noticed that. The answers were different though, I think.
  22. Thought this was going to be some yaoi thread. Thank god it's not! Anyways, yeah, I'd love all these guys teaming up together. It would be pretty awesome.
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