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    I Translate Spanish Sometimes.
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  1. proud for kh, the only mode available for com, beginner for recom, proud for 358/2 days, Proud for kh2, standard for bbs, and critical for Re:coded.
  2. You iknow you fail at kingdom hearts if you can't tell the difference between kairi and a moogle.
  3. Because no one wants to touch ur pokymans WTF is a pokymans?
  4. granted, but you become my vampire minion again. i wish for a nickel.
  5. Thats just a myth, so nothing happens. *bites the ultimate 2* Just another vampire slave.
  6. Marly2: 13 Chao: 23 Demyx Xymed: 26 Roxas Horse: Dead P50L: Dead
  7. granted, but you crash and begin dieing, so i bite you and make you my minion. i wish for the number 12 to not exist.
  8. granted, you're my vampirate minion, agian. I wish for a bloodburger.
  9. i'm still a vampirate though... you can't kill me. *climbs back to where he was* Gah! *bites Kingdom Sora* Still winning. Bow, my minions.
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