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  1. Well, I'm a bit disappointed, tbh. I wanted it to be a collection of all games before KHIII, as I wanted to play all games and revise all story points I missed along the way.
  2. Yeah, saw that, but that point just can NOT be ignored by any means, it's too crucial to be ignored. It's like saying 2+2=2 because we can ignore 2. Nintendo is first and foremost a business company, they want to make the most money, so they won't just throw away their own cash sucking machine (No, I'm not talking about Kirby) @OthersiderME ^This guy knows his stuff^
  3. If Black and White was supposed to be the reboot of the series and a fresh start, how on earth would their successors be the last entries in the series? Besides that, didn't fans also speculate this would happen after BW? EDIT: And besides all that, do you REALLY think that after selling over 1.5m copies worth of pre-orders (keyword: pre-orders) they will just stop producing one of their most successful franchises ever? No way.
  4. WAIT, WHAT?! A The Wonderful 101 character's voice actor is the same voice actor of Axel?! O.o

    1. Sora96


      Flynn voices a lot of characters.

  5. Tbh, I was afraid of Bowser's laugh in Super Mario 64 which made me not play any of his games for years when I was a kid X'D
  6. That's what happened to him when I asked him, he said he's overthinking things and just got depressed. So, that gets me back at square one. But it can't be possible, right? Music can't make someone depressed all of the sudden, right?
  7. Thank you all for your thoughtful replies! ^_^ I think I went overboard with this. It must be just pure coincidences, like you all said.
  8. I know it's crazy and everything, but lately, I notced that my happy-go-around extremely positive friend was somehow depressed, and it was right in the time where he began playing KH games. After thinking about this, I began having serious depression issues around the time I was introduced to KH, and another online friend who's a KH fanatic has been depressed since the day I met them... O.o I also I noticed that there are several members here that have the same weird thing. It's not a fact or anything, not a chance, just a suspicion I had. So, do you think it's possible? Do you really think there's a hidden secret in KH that we don't know? Or do you think that KH is emotional enough to make you emotional yourself? Just tell me your thoughts (no flaming, please )
  9. 1) I almost drowned once. 2) When there was commotion in the middle of the street I tried to stay away from there, but while trying a car almost hit me, but instead ran over the tip of the back of my shoes. It was close, but I ended up with just a bruise. 3) The natural gas company made a mistake which made gas leak into the oven and when I was trying to start it the whole oven blew up in front of me and went flying a few meters. I don't actually remember anything, everything was just for a few seconds and I found myself in the hallway far from the oven. The beauty of adrenalyne, it saves your life sometimes
  10. It's pretty awesome! For me, it only lacks KH III and if they magically pulled a troll face and ported it over, the Wii U would be a perfect system for me this gen. I don't care about how realistic games are, I don't get a gaming to watch how this rock is beautiful or whatever, I buy it to play games. Besides, want realism? Just open the window or get out, you will find EVERYTHING realistic there, not that it's good in the first place. *sigh* And to me, most (if not all) the franchises I love are on Nintendo systems, so yeah, it's my console of choice.
  11. I'm only mad that when they do it for the Xbox One and not for Wii U... :wacko:
  12. I know it might not change anything, but if you want to at least help get KHIII on the Wii U, sign this, please: http://www.change.org/petitions/square-enix-put-kingdom-hearts-3-and-kingdom-hearts-hd-collection-for-wii-u-and-ps3

  13. Well, a person who was set to only get one console, they wouldn't really care. I mean, if they announce the worst version of it for the Wii U I would still get it That's why they should ALSO make a port for the Wii U, to get even more of the freakin' money they want
  14. *sigh* There goes my hope for a Wii U version... I suppose I will watch the hameplay video just like BbS...
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