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  1. What is the best world in Kingdom Hearts III? As a reminder, please mind the Spoiler Policy and use the spoiler tags if you going to go into detail of the worlds.
  2. Here is my Let's Play of Kingdom Hearts III And here's the playlist: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLA_f7zlYMxPbxuccjcmcg1BHB4W7p93-A
  3. What is your favorite team attack?
  4. KH2FM also had a year/2 years after release to add extra content to the game. it should be more comparable to base KH2 than KH2FM
  5. What is your favorite Kingdom Hearts III countdown video?
  6. What is your favorite world gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded?
  7. Eyyy, it's ya boi, Power Jusho! And, for the first time (and maybe last time?), it's time for a theory about Riku and what will happen to him in the end of KH3! Hope you guys enjoy and tell me your thoughts & opinions on it.
  8. This is Power Jusho's theory of Riku and what will happen to him in KH3
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