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  1. Wow, I was such a prick LOL. Wish I could delete my old posts

  2. Why's there no "I already have a fulfilling career" option?
  3. By the end of the year, how many daily polls will you have actually thought of yourself?
  4. Happy one year on kh13!

    1. lazyAfternoon


      Oh, wow. I didn't even realize. Thanks!

  5. As far as I know the gold letters are only for the KH1.5reMIX teaser, not the secret ending. But I'm not sure. Maybe you already saw the secret ending and just didn't realize. You'll know what I'm talking about when you (knowingly) see it.
  6. I see. Sorry for the confusion. From your previous reply I kind of got the idea you implied I didn't catch what they where talking about while I was just correcting a slight mistake someone made, to avoid misinformation. I don't think of "picking a difficulty" as "unlocking Zero EXP", it's just there from at least Proud. The post I originally quoted made it sound like it was exclusive to Critical, which might be true for other titles, but not for this one. Thanks for your confirmation about the ability.
  7. Minor thing, but I'm pretty sure I had that ability when I started a completely fresh game on Proud.
  8. Well, that's double the level... do you want to be a pro or a scrub? In all seriousness this time though, it's up to you. Level two probably isn't any easier than one, but one just looks a lot cleaner. And to be honest, if that happened to me, I'd restart/reload immediately. Couldn't fall asleep at night knowing about that...
  9. Sorry if it sounded like I was, but I wasn't trying to talk down to you or anything. Just for the sake of avoiding misunderstandings, otherwise I wouldn't have mentioned it.
  10. Telling us that the tracking worked like this is at least 99% save. The characters are Nomura designs; the only thing he could have retconned in with even less continuity issues would have been zippers...
  11. To be fair, it did sound like he wanted ideas for challenges instead of general or specific advice, but since he now made clear what he's asking us to help him with, why get caught up in semantics and insult him? Judging from his English there might even be a small linguistic barrier, so while I understand that you're annoyed by posts like this, let's just have a nice afternoon and some sea salt ice cream here.
  12. The whole thing was brilliant. Mickey jumping in, throwing out a impressive "za" spell unobtainable to players... that was really fantastic. We know he's strong, but seeing him in action, especially in a serious situation like this, was really pretty cool.
  13. I've been reading Naruto for two more years than I've been playing KH, so I'm very familiar with both franchises (12 and 10 years of exposure, respectively) and love them, but in this case I really have to second the motion that the image macro at the top suggested.
  14. That scene was fantastic. I mean, the part about asking for Riku's name. As far as I recall, they knew each other beforehand from KH2 and Days at least, but Riku, still under Ansem SoD's influence, only gave him his name as "Ansem". This scene was really relieving.
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