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  1. If they were really sorry they would've mentioned at the start of the stream: hey guys for those of you here for KH3 we regret to inform that we won't be showing a new world premier trailer, but we'll be showing a pre order bonus if you order with Amazon. Instead? Oh yeah! A lot of you guys are here for KH3 and boy do we have something good for ya!
  2. When I was watching it, there were 12k viewers, closer to 13 actually. When I left, there were less than 5k. Their Twitter is being overrun by mad fans. All within reason tbh...
  3. I was considering switching over my pre-order to Amazon depending on what they were going to show today. After that miserable failed marketing maneuver? Nope. Still keen on getting the collectors from the SENA website.
  4. Srsl... they hyped this thing for a week. They were all over social media stating this and then... it turns to this.
  5. Yep London. I hope they are selling stuff there cause I'm gonna buy it
  6. Right, so, after finally having played both 3D Demo and 0.2 Demo I can say: Let december come. If 0.2 is based on KH3, then we will have an awesome game. Here are my impressions 3D - Movements are amazing! They look fantastic, they feel fantastic. The Flowmotion is better than it was because it's got a bigger screen. Since the movements are now faster, you might notice that you'll have some time getting a hang of the controls, but you'll adapt much faster because the console can keep up with you. Getting into the dives that you can do with objects is easy. Press 2 buttons at the same time. Done. Camera control was a bit odd, but I think it was because of the setting that was being used. The command system, playing in a home console is always different. But it still felt great. The fact that you can easily access it is really nice. I'm not sure if there's any shortcut to merge with the DreamEaters, but there should be. The only way I found of doing this was using the D-pad and that's highly annoying. Played 3 parts that were possible, Sora in Traverse Town just before the first boss fight. Riku Cité de Cloches just before the boss fight and then Riku in Tron World that is a bit longer. You manage to do the race course and then fight a explore a bit more of the world and I think it ends with you meating the original of the bad guy. Overall it's going to be awesome to play this in the PS4. --------- 0.2, we've all see the gameplay, but playing it is entirely different. The movements - amazing. Aqua looks stunning! Her magic attacks, oh my god. The realization of what Blizzard, Fire and Thunder should actually be. Thunder when used in multiple succession actually creates a much bigger thunderstorm and rains down all around you. The enemies get stunned from this. The visual was gorgeous. You see that I keep talking about the visuals, because that was the thing that struck me the most in this demo. The colour pallet chosen was brilliant. Really good option. There is more to what's going to happen than what was showed in the demo, that's for sure. But the demo is really nice. You start by not being able to do most of the things that you'd expect a character from BBS to do (shotlock, dash and use transformations) and you end up being able to do all 3. The fight against the swarm of heartless was a visual spectacle. They move amazingly. The movements they do towards you are really well done. And the way they look even better. Plus, you get to use all of Aqua's abilities against the heartless swarm. Meaning, transformation, magic, shootlock. All in all, I can't wait to play the actual game. I feel like it's going to be a good entry point to 3.
  7. If Yugioh Organised Play has taught me something is: Australia and New Zealand, even some middle east countries are organised by the Europe Team. So yeah. I approve tournaments from Australia and Kuwait
  8. Could you please add more words to your post here: http://kh13.com/forum/topic/95884-how-to-install-kingdom-hearts-unchained-χ-for-android-if-you-live-outside-north-america/?p=1798759 we don't allow one word posts as it is considered not contributing to the discussion.

  9. Can we get a apk file please? Cause it's not letting me download it to my device directly. Does it actually work? Downloading woohoo!
  10. To be completely ho estI wasnt expecting KH3 before 2018. With FFXV coming out before that, the production will be full throtle after that.
  11. Just like some of us thought, Mickey does in fact know where Aqua is and most likely came in contact with her when he went to get his Keyblade.
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