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  1. http://www.dualshockers.com/kingdom-hearts-3-interview-tetsuya-nomura/ Nomura knew that 2018 would be the year for Kingdom Hearts III when development started!
  2. Cars 3 was great.

  3. Pirates 5, Cars 3, Despicable Me 3, Transformers 5, Spider Man Homecoming, War For The Planet Of The Apes, and a movie that wasn't mentioned on this poll, The Book Of Henry!
  4. I'm cool with whatever their gonna show at this special presentation for KH, but ever since 2.8 got delayed, my excitement has shifted from that game to XV! Could change after the special presentation, but it depends on what their gonna show!
  5. After watching the trailer, does Aquas journey in the realm of darkness take place after she met Ansem on that beach or before?
  6. I too go through anxiety sometimes, and I have ADHD as well. I lose interest in some things after trying them out for a short amount of time, mainly with video games! I'm only in it for the main campaign and or story and then after that I don't play it again unless there's another certain thing to unlock after going through the end game portion that might interest me! It's like I have to find or think of something that I like that'll make me happy or get me interested! I'm just trying to not have an attitude (which I have every now and then) and be happy every day and thinking about KH, Tv shows, and listening to Music help a lot.
  7. There are indeed 7 lights and others on the right side and after recounting how many there were on that side, there are two additional ones making it a total of 9!
  8. I have 6200 Jewels from the In Purchase I bought these week, a couple more of them and I'll buy more avatar boards and have my cost at 180+!
  9. Congrats man! I had the same feeling weeks ago and now i already got some of the things I wanted with my own money, like a PS4 which I'm expecting to get this week!
  10. I can see Agrabah ending next month, and then July and August would be the climax which will obviously take place in Daybreak Town.
  11. It's sparkly to let you know you shared it! I remembered my KH II King Mickey medal did the same when I shared it!
  12. Are Orichalcum's featured in Keyblade Matrial Events? There very rare and I know you get them every 25 quest but just wondering if that's the only method to get them?
  13. Quick question, i know i can't join a party when I change a Union but can I still create one?
  14. It's a big difference in damage after you level up and evolve medals, especially leveling up a six star medal to the max!
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