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  1. No, The Soul Is Pretty Much Your Mind. Your Emotions And Such. The Spirit Is Your Eternal Self.
  2. Actually, We Are Spirit, Soul, AND Body. Not Just Body.
  3. All I Have Is A Phone Pic Of These. Barister And Dragma Are Completely Random Names. They Just Came To Mind When I Drew Them. The Last One, Sharpster, My Wife Named. She Said It Reminded Her Of Of Edward Scissor Hands. Note: She Knows Virtally Nothing About KH. Ha Ha. Anyways, Been A While Since I Drew Fresh Keys. But I Hope Ya'll Like Em. Thank You.
  4. Well.. You Better Come Back.
  5. You're Leaving KH13????
  6. Heh, Heh. Shirtless Pic Of Mickey. Originally Intended To Be In My 'One Winged Keyblade Wielder' Pic.
  7. Oh My Gosh.. I Did Not Even Notice That!! Ha Ha.
  8. I'll Post Drawings Here That Aren't Quite Finished, But That I Wouldn't Consider Doodles. Batman And Superman Drawing That Never Really Took Off For Me
  9. Nice One!! Sorry I Kinda Let This Thread Die. But Here's To Resurrecting It!! :lol:
  10. Really Awesome!! Love The Coloring Technique.
  11. Yes, But Not Quite As Extravagant As Those.
  12. Ok, Good!! Thank You. :lol:
  13. Thank You!! This Is A Positive Reaction, Right?? :ohmy: Ha Ha, Thank You. :smile:
  14. Thank You, Guys, Very Much!! :smile:
  15. Ha Ha. I Know, I Drew Him Pretty Thin On Purpose. Just Because.
  16. The Drawing Was Done On Paper, But The Coloring Was All Done On My Phone. This Is My First Fully Colored Picture Done On My Phone. Thank You. (^3^)
  17. Good Woah?? :} Sorry. :tongue: Thank You, Guys!! Sorry, Is That Bad Though?? Thank You I Made Him Look Like Riku.. No I'm Just Kidding!! :lol:
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