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  1. When I right click the Quote button and select the 'open in new tab' option, it works just fine. However, I can't get it to activate on the page I am currently on for whatever reason. I just downloaded the latest Java updates. It also works fine when I use my Chrome browser. I also cleared my DNS cache, if that's the one you're talking about. Just to make extra sure, I ran a repair program on my IE browser, but to no avail. It's also happy to work when I throw it into BBCode mode. Until a proper fix can be found, I think I'll just change it to BBCode mode and back again when I want to quote someone.
  2. Whenever I want to quote someone, I would hit the quote button in their post, however, for some reason, this button is no longer working. Can someone please investigate and fix this issue, assuming it's not just my computer trolling me.
  3. I'm torn between not wanting a modern Disney TV show infecting KH and wanting to watch the Heartless and Nobodies rip that world to shreds. But on the whole I'm going to have to say it's a no-go.
  4. I'd like to inject some small amount of sanity into this threat, although I fear it is already too late, but you are all absolutely, irrevocably insane. I hope my stating of this obvious fact will incite some of you to ponder this fact and bring you back from the depts. of your own insanity.
  5. Taking context from your theory, perhaps Xehanort wins, and the worlds are consumed by Darkness. However, Kingdom Hearts is Light. Therefore, The Light of Kingdom Hearts and the Darkness that has enveloped the worlds, clash, and in that clashing form the true X-Blade, which someone then wields to open Kingdom Hearts and release its full power, thus restoring the worlds and defeating Xehanort. The conflict of KH4 could be either someone trying to steal the X-blade, or perhaps inspiration could be drawn from Final Fantasy 3 and the excess of Light begins to cause problems.
  6. And Twitch users around the world cried out in agony as once again, Twitch Plays Pokémon causes the whole site to lag uncontrollably and the chat to implode.
  7. I don't know about the HM subject, although it might involve doing the task in such a way that makes it compatible for their trainer, nor do I know why no one seems to have any biological needs, nor fathers. However, as for the question of what pokémon eat, it does state the diets of several pokémon in their pokedex entries, such as the fact that the pidgey line eat caterpie.
  8. I don't see why it wouldn't be possible, but what would be the motivation? The tone of the game dictates the visual design, not the other way around. A more light and happy game lends itself to a lighter and happier designs. A darker game lends itself to a dark, grittier, possibly more 'realistic' appearance.
  9. I don't see why they wouldn't. After all, there is the precedent and it's an opportunity to make more money :wink:
  10. We know Xigbar, Saix, and Xehanort all gain yellow eyes as they fall deeper into Darkness. Perhaps Nomura made slight revisions to the timeline before Roxas was revealed properly, in which Roxas was corrupted by the Darkness by Xion's destruction, after which Riku gives him a beatdown to bring him back to his senses. Of course, this is all off the assumption that the one in the Dark Realm was Roxas. In all his appearances in the cinematic, you can see a tuft of yellow hair sticking out form under the hood. The figure you refer to has no such tuft of hair. It might have been someone else altogether who was later removed from the timeline of the game.
  11. I'm going to wait for the English version. I'd rather not have to split my attention between beautiful graphics and trying to read the subtitles.
  12. If you think that's bad, just wait for the 13 of them running around in KH III.
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