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  1. Your Name/Kimi no Na wa. Even tho it came out in 2016. The wide release wasn't until april, so I'm gonna count it
  2. no mention of Sonic Mania? i'm not even a sonic fan but that game was crazy good.
  3. Get Out was freaking incredible, one of my favorite movies of the year.
  4. I was originally really hyped for this month, because I thought Battlefront 2 and Sonic Forces looked awesome, but that November's finally here, and so much more has come out about both games, I'm not really sure anymore. in my book, Battlefront 2 has potential. I really enjoyed the beta, but I'm still really concerned about lack of content and the game possibly being pay to win, so I plan on waiting a few weeks after launch before even considering buying it. but in the case of Sonic Forces, I have lost all hope for that game. The custom character looks boring, classic sonic looks stupid, especially after Mania near perfected that style of gameplay, and modern sonic's levels are too linear and are half 2D, thus making classic sonic irrelevant. The story looks bland and uninteresting, and even the music isn't winning me over. when i dont like the music in a sonic game, that means there's a serious problem.
  5. I freaking love I'll Make A Man Out Of You!
  6. Yo Roxas is lookin pretty fresh the face is looks a little derpy from certain angles tho. could just be me.
  7. I've said it before and I'll say it again; I really want Darth Vader to be a secret boss in KH3.
  8. i only just found out that they are making a regular Sora funko pop. i need it.
  9. other than the battlefront 2 beta (which doesn't count as a game), nothing really interests me this month. November maybe. We'll see
  10. The Half-Life and Portal series. *obligatory HL3 joke here*
  11. White Room is my favorite, but I usually play the game with the KH1 style command menu.
  12. i replayed KH2 for the first time in ten years and it was really emotional.
  13. Sora is the obvious choice, but I would love to play as Roxas if I was ever given the chance.
  14. NO ONE! I am so done with them trying to tie it in to the main series. I know they want people to play it, but i really dont want to have to play an app that is 97% filler to understand the story of KH3.
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