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  1. No Heart was insane in the original psp version of final mix, you could hardly damage him even if you were maxed out and hes got like 3 times the amount of health he has in the ps3/4 port, loved challenging myself against him
  2. Best of luck man, cant even imagine the things that must be going through your head right now, hope everything turns out okay for you's and everyone else too
  3. That must have taken absolutely ages, always got a JoJo vibe off Xehanort's "Stand"... lol
  4. After mixing up my look a bit since I've gone to college, lovely picture my sister took when we were on our holidays in Austria :biggrin:
  5. Think back to the Kh 1.5 trailer epidemic of 2013... Now blow that up by a thousand lol
  6. Hive of Villanry, Everyones afraid of it, I think its alright
  7. I kind of want to say Zexion, Just got this feeling about him
  8. Yeah and the graphics look like they've been touched up a bit since the last releases as well!
  9. Picture of me right before I went to college.
  10. Just got into the course of my dreams today, Animation in one of the best colleges in europe for art and design. Cant genuinely wait Just got into the course of my dreams today, Animation in one of the best colleges in europe for art and design. Cant genuinely wait : D
  11. Yu-Gi-Oh Arc-V is the bomb, never too old for a children's card game.

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    2. Yusaku Fujicookie

      Yusaku Fujicookie

      But mainly the Wii. He didn't use a D-wheel in the DS games xD

    3. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Yeah, it really BOMBED on that ending huh?

    4. Yusaku Fujicookie

      Yusaku Fujicookie


      Seeing some of my comments make me cringe ;(

  12. The psp, cause when you "mess" with it can be any console you want, all the way from the old atari and nes home consoles to the ps1.
  13. If their parents are going to go to the bother of buying all this stuff for them to pore over, the least these kids could do is show some firetrucking respect.
  14. Sup F Dawg, nice too meet you xD just decided to message you cause i saw weve got similar music taste. If you havent checked them out already I'd reccomend The Pixies and Dinosaur JR. And if youre open to heavy rock thats still fairly alternative I'd highly reccomend giving Queens of the Stone age a try :) Utmost respect lad

    1. Felixx


      Hey man! xD I know the Pixies, and love their music. Haven't heard from Dinosaur JR though, so I'm gonna check that out, thanks :D Not sure if I like heavy rock, but that depends on the band/songs snd so on, so I'll give it a try. Thanks again :)

  15. Break out the party hats and flat champagne, today marks the day I am one year more pretentious.

    1. Veemon


      Happy Birthday! (That's the one you were looking for, right?)

  16. Brilliant work, will admit I had to stop and laugh at what you'd do in a holes world
  17. Just got my platinum in sonic generations :)

    1. teh lazy prince Xylek

      teh lazy prince Xylek

      nice man! i gave up maybe half way trying for it xD

  18. That one time the whole site was taken over by a legion of black mages.
  19. I'll take you for a ride, in my garbage truck, truck, truck, truck, 'cause you're my quuuueeeen, I'll take you up town, show you the sights I know you want a ride in my garbage truck, truck, truck, I've got a sterio, you just gotta turn the knob and baby well go, I'll be your garbage maaaan, I'll take out your junk and I'll crush it down!

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    2. EternalReckoning


      If Scott can say lesbians instead of love I can get a few lines wrong.

    3. Dustin Newton

      Dustin Newton

      your comparing your self to an idiot, so it doesn't really work. It was better when you said you had fun.

    4. EternalReckoning


      Nah I changed it because my second idea was funnier

  20. Yeah but sticking true to my unpopular opinion, the first series captures the feeling of the manga better, so I'd recommend either start with that or read the manga first and then watch brotherhood after getting the mangas more emmersive and better paced feeling.
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