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  1. A very detailed overview of the history of this game. Watching it over the years I was always so impressed with the ingenuity and endurance of these runners.
  2. I assume the "Road to Kingdom Hearts III" button in ex-tres in KHUX is meant for this but that has not been updated yet
  3. I assume the answer to the Heartless Question was "All of the above" but I thought that the unversed were the ones that feed off negative emotion not the heartless.
  4. ok so here is an idea:7 Lights and 13 Darknesses7 Princesses of HeartCould the 7 Lights have to protect the 7 Princesses, does that mean Kairi will defend herself?
  5. That makes sense, so Yen Sid and Mr. PoPo share the Hyperbolic Time Chamber!
  6. Has anyone noticed that the icon on the banner of KH13 still says PS3 for Kingdom Hearts 3?
  7. I expected him to get one seeing as he made contact with Ven's Wooden Keyblade in Radiant Garden. This would explain why he can summon one.
  8. One thing I really want to see in terms of plot is possibly playing as all 7 characters and going to each of the thirteen worlds twice. The first time could have something to do with them finding Aqua and Ven and the Keyblade to Restore Hearts, and the second time they could fight a member of the 13 darknesses in each worlds. I think that would be amazingly fun. Like each person gets to fight who would be the most meaningful for them to fight. Lea vs Isa, Ven vs. Vanitas(if he is one) ect.
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