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  1. The music has a very KH feel Nightmares spawn like heartless to fight you as the battle music kicks in The playroom feels like Wonderland/Castle of dreams Playing as a kid with goofy looking weapons Adult Noctis air combat felt floaty and similar to KH2
  2. I thought so. Just trying to prove a point to someone. Thanks!
  3. http://www.christianpost.com/news/kingdom-hearts-iii-release-date-moved-to-2017-156271/Can anyone confirm or deny that Nomura said any of this?
  4. If not for that stupid Audio-Drama, I would want the Lightning Saga. With all the DLC of course. I love the Lightning Saga.But I need a X-3 to drown out the Audio-Drama. I just try to pretend it doesn't exist until X-3 comes out...
  5. Wow, when did I EVER say that? I just asked a question. That's why I added "this is a serious question btw"
  6. So if you like the story and don't like the gameplay... why buy the game? Wouldn't you rather save $60 by watching the cutscenes online? This is a serious question btw.
  7. Wooow. Real professional, GameTrailers.
  8. Terra. I truly think she's the best character in the game.
  9. I swear, I cringe every time he does that.
  10. I always felt that Central City was a good song with poor instruments. I always wanted to hear a version that doesn't strain my ears. Thank you for making my dream a reality.
  11. I think the "HD Remaster" logo is on the books, though it's hard to see.
  12. Do my eyes deceive me, or does it look like we're getting the guidebooks for X/X-2 HD Remaster? Awwww yis.
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