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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts III Re Mind.
  1. I can't actually say if the Toy Story world is confirmed or not. I can say only one thing: the ride that Sora uses in that footage is exactly a ride you can find in Disneyland Paris, a Toy Story shooter game, like the Big thunder mountaine used in the early footage. Now, using the buzz lightyear ride can also mean that Toy Story is confirmed as a new world, but the ride feature was also used with big Thunder mountaine. So it may Be only a minor feature. Anyway, I'm waiting for news!
  2. So... I am that only one that will LOVE the idea of a Star Wars World in KH3... Nevermind, i'm running away lol.
  3. I'll probably go to Square Enix, kill all the developers and buuurn everything.
  4. Hmm I'm thinking also that Nomura said that he wanted to use the vocal system of the new consoles and he specifically said an example of the command regarding the roles of Donald and Goofy. That would be very interesting.
  5. Meh, i liked very much 3D system... I loved the KHII system, but i liked also the 3D.
  6. That's the most wonderful ending in the videogames history. #Respect
  7. Hmm another thing: In the BBS v2 trailer (I know I know they'll never do this game), there's mickey in the RoD at beginning of the trailer, but I don't know if he went there for another goal, but maybe he went there for rescue Aqua! And we also see that Ven disappears from the room in the CoB where he is sleeping. Maybe these will be things that we'll see in KH3, but if someone knows better the things that I mentioned, simply write here what he thinks
  8. Thanks for the answers guys. I think that Mickey will rescue Aqua.
  9. Trust me man, i'll be happy even if KH3 will use a 8bit graphic. I was just cuorious... New consoles, new engines
  10. Same reaction... I was on the bed, it was late (I live in Italy, Sony Conference was at 3:00 o' clock)... At 5:00 I was like:"After FFXV what's gotta be?" Then:"We have another game for you.", great Nomura... I saw Disney Logo, so I thought KH for sure. First I saw the clips about all the games and I was like:"Well, HD collection...", then... Graphic changed :"WTF is this Shiit?" Sora drops the Eraquus Keyblade:"Nah this can't be possibile, nah." Then:"OMGFOGFMOMOFOFOMFMOG YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEES". I jumped from the bed screaming like a little girl... One of the best moment of my life.
  11. Niki966


    Ehm, actually I love Namine!!! My favorite female character
  12. I didn't mean that she is dead, i used wrong the verb "revive". Yes you're right, someone will rescue her, but the armor and the keyblade are still there or they're moved?
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